“You Will Awake Another Dimension” | Ancient NINJA HAND SPELLS

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0:00 Ancient Ninja Knowledge
1:37 Hand Spells
4:34 A word from our Sponsor
5:47 Hand Spells Continued

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34 thoughts on ““You Will Awake Another Dimension” | Ancient NINJA HAND SPELLS

  1. Remember my dear friend: no matter who you were, whoever made you down, still you’re unique, beautiful, and talented🌸 how dare someone can rule on you? You’re the the kingqueen of your own life& happiness. You matter! Get up, go forward, and start doing what you like. You’re the best, if you believe ✨

    *I believe in you, keep moving!* ❤️

  2. *To all dreamers out there, don’t ever let the world’s negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If your surround yourself with love and with right people, Anything is possible.*

    Cheering for you✨

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      “Putin is a Grand Master of the Royal Arch masons.”-Andrei Piontkovsky

      The German masonic journal ‘Die Bauhütte’1890;”We, the Freemasons belong to the family of Lucifer.”

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      -Ex Freemason Serge Abad-Gallardo

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  6. Hi love you the comments. Can any body else hear a ringing in the back ground? Sounds like a hearing test fr your ears.is it a subliminal? Sounds

  7. Do this kundalini technique for extra luck and attractive with everything.Need to do only at “Before sleep”.
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  8. Undeniable knowing. All Is.
    first time I am Aware. Of this
    information. The magic ✨
    Is I have doing these. hand
    puzzles. Lol. that’s what I
    felt, just knowing. not
    all of them. spiritual perspective. Observer witness. In divine everything
    hermit Light mode flowing ON.

  9. Whenever I do meditation from time to time my hands automatically do these symbols. Explains why I am also good with using a katana

  10. I remember as a kid I saw the move : Revenge of the ninja. It was intense. We had never seen anything like that on screen before. Well, the heroin of the movie uses these hand seals and meditation before he recused his son .

  11. This is actually a really useful biohack. Meditate with the unique hand grasp and build up the profile over time. Tap into that profile when needed (when meditation not practical for the situation) and by repeating the hand clasp you would tell your brain and other systems to activate certain circuits / states.

    In the past I’ve thought about the potential of “super powers” and the potential dangers if they were “activiated”. It makes sense that the practioner would have to perform a unique task or posture to activate it for safety reasons. Really interesting stuff.

  12. At age 11yrs Dad needed help chopping down 4metre high blackberry thickets. Armed with a simple, unsharpened spade, we accomplished the task..
    However, on my own, something came over me, and gripping the spade in an unusual way, enabled me to chop both ahead and behind, levelling into a tunnel.
    Coming out of my mental fugue, I looked down at this incredible grip..and I didn’t have one scratch on me!

  13. I got news for you Bro; the Buddhists usee the Mudras to alter reality as well, just not in so vulgar a fashion.

    There is actually a great deal of science behind these techniques, it’s not Magic at all. Just a very old and high resolution form of scientific understanding that appears to the primitive eye as magic.

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