You SAY you’re RICH but you make POOR Decisions! The Law of Attraction

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21 thoughts on “You SAY you’re RICH but you make POOR Decisions! The Law of Attraction

  1. I was just gonna say and then u realize you already are qualified after the expansion the truth comes back full circle ❤️❤️ beautiful message

  2. thank you Dominique for praying for Ukraine right now and wise words about imagining yourself in a war siutation 💙💛 i personally know some people affected right now and have family/friends nearby in Poland and Belarus. its all such a scary time and we have no good options. just praying with my whole heart and thinking positively

  3. I am definitely the close the tabber. 😩

    “If one step feels too big, make a smaller one.” Whew I definitely needed to hear this message, thank you!

  4. *It requires money to make money this is the best secret I have ever heard we don’t make money we multiple money*

    1. After watching so many YouTube tutorial videos about trading I was still making losses until Mr Charles Schwabstarted managing my investment now, I make $7200 weekly. God bless him his been a blessing to my family.

    2. Take it from one who has it and buy a house in Missouri and dream Wrangler with forex trade profits. I started with Mr Charles R. Schwab of financial education and he has been my handler and guider for the past years

    3. Been reading through the comments and when he mentioned Mr Charles R. Schwab I know he was right! he has been my Investment manager for long and I’m happy with his services.

    4. Access to a good information is what the investors needs to progress financially and in life. Here is a good one and I’m grateful.

  5. I was just in the grocery store shopping and having anxiety about how much it cost to be healthy and then I told myself “ I can afford it” 💆🏾‍♀️
    This helps put my mind at ease. This video is right on time!!

  6. Im so happy i seen this🥰 this week for me has been big on accepting and letting things go and also paying close attention to how i feel about certain things. This helped so much with specific examples on accepting and letting go thank you so muchh❤️❤️ sending love and light to everyone🌞🌼❤️

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