You can’t MANIFEST without Changing. Stop RESISTING expansion!

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24 thoughts on “You can’t MANIFEST without Changing. Stop RESISTING expansion!

  1. I manifested not going to court lol but I love your lessons!! I watch everytime you release a video you’ve really helped me on my journey💗

  2. I love your channel. I manifested a brand reaching out to me. They did! I was so excited that my work was finally recognized by others and a nod from Spirit that my desires and work are supported by the Universe in exciting and beautiful ways!

  3. I love your videos they always remind me that I have the power you inspire me to better thank you ❤️ so many things in my life have aligned once I stopped believing my limiting beliefs it feels like a switch when you realize you can be exactly who you want to be you just need to show up as that

  4. I’m excited with every new experience 🥰 I can’t stand stagnation. I need unpredictability once in a while

  5. I need this right now!! Having open heart surgery and learning to embrace and accept all that’s happening to me!!! Thank you 😊

  6. thank you for this , i’ve been getting anxiety about all i’m trying to accomplish . right on time 🙏🏽🙏🏽
    glad your son is ok

  7. I promise you are always speaking right to me. Like, it’s getting scary how on point these videos are!! Keep ‘em coming please!!! 🥰🙏🏾

  8. thank you so much, really needed this and wish i heard this earlier. been working on lately to let go and “let god”. allowance and surrendering is one of the key things i need to master to move into my next step of abundance, so thank you!

  9. I just wanted to say wado tsunalii, thank you friend, for always being a beacon of light. I had a late start today, and it really set the tone for my day. I tried a lot to raise my vibration, but it seemed I couldn’t stay high vibrational for more than 20 minutes at a time before my mindset started to plummet. I sat down tonight and I thought, “Okay, what is one thing that always, without fail, raises my vibration and keeps it there?” And I went on youtube to find some spiritual healing. No surprise you were the first channel to pop up on my feed !!!! When I watch your videos, I can feel your positivity wash away all the heavy thoughts and psychic debris that have been plaguing me. You are a blessing to this community, and a blessing to me <333 I'm honored to learn from you !

  10. Fear of the unknown has been inhibiting my expansion, this video is exactly what I needed to hear. I have been working to release anxiety and welcome more ease into my life. I want to believe in all the good that life has to offer and to be more confident when it comes to facing the unexpected

  11. Hello Queen ❤️ Thank You for Being You!! Here’s my manifestation story. January of this year I was planning my 40th Birthday Party and I needed a formal dress to wear to my Classy & Chic 40th Birthday Party. I wrote in my journal the Style of the dress and color of the dress that I wanted. I also spoke out loud that I wanted to pay between $20 to $30 for my formal dress. I proceeded to shop for my dress and totally put in the back of my mind what I wanted to manifest. After trying on 30 or more dresses (True Story) I was about to Compromise what I wanted and just get a cute dress that was $99. As I stared at that dress that I did not want I heard my inner voice or God say within me “Don’t Settle for what you don’t want.” With tears in my eyes I hung the dress back up and left the store. The next store I walked into had my dress that I wanted (by the way The Only dress there in that style) and it was in the price range that I said. I manifested my formal Gorgeous Chic dress for only $29.00 that was Originally a $200.00 formal dress. The lesson of my story is “Don’t Settle for what YOU don’t want.” “Trust” that what You “ASKED” for is waiting and looking for You to EnJOY😊

    Dominique to see pictures of my dress go to my Instagram Page @faceofhopeandbeauty

  12. I’d love you to speak on manifesting desire behavior with your children…. I have a 2 year old and I find myself getting very frustrated and taken out of my good mood once I’m home trying to figure things out with her. I’m feeling super discouraged, this topic would be soooo helpful!

  13. I’m reading Hamlet for school & this line really resonates with me. He says “there is nothing either good or bad, thinking makes it so.” It speaks to the collective consciousness & the human experience that we have to be reminded of this lesson continuously throughout history.

  14. loved this one.. i been so scared of the new and get attached to the past/present. but learning to expand also means being able to let go with the consciousness of new things coming in for the good

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