Will Smith SLAPS Chris Rock | “BE CAREFUL!” – My Reaction

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Will Smith slapping Chris Rock might be indicative of a larger conversation around the craziness of our world today, and the importance of keeping your emotions in check….

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32 thoughts on “Will Smith SLAPS Chris Rock | “BE CAREFUL!” – My Reaction

    1. Please pull this upload and correct Chris’ name in the title @Jake Ducey
      He deserves that much respect at least after all. Cheers

    2. Thanks Man. That is exactly how I feel. Exactly; two wrongs do not make 1 right. Thanks for the reminders. Love to the Families . Welcome , blessings and Smiles from Sicily

    3. Thank you!

      Mental health care is not helped correctly in the USA
      Thank you, you are a light in this darkness

  1. People are offended by a slap but they aren’t offended by judging others or wars. It’s a pick and choose situation

    1. It is very true what you are trying to convey, it is a way of making jokes and there are levels of jokes that become psychological aggressions, where is our Emotional Intelligence, nor do we pay attention to it, we only react at the moment it occurs!!!

    2. What makes you think the same ones who are offended over a slap are the same ones who don’t care about wars or other things going on? The general population who gets sucked into certain things don’t amount for the population as a whole and speak for every single person out there, so don’t make that assumption. Also people don’t have to pick and choose anything. There allowed to get offended over one thing but not have another bother them and have to worry about eleventh single issue out there that takes it’s toll on the world-in a sense that IS picking and choosing what they want to get offended about. We can’t care about every single problem in the world or nothing at all. Having said that, is “offended” really the right word here? Just because it’s the new ‘in thing’ that everyone’s talking about, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are ‘offended’ by what happened. Some people just think it’s funny or want to talk about it, doesn’t mean their feelings got hurt over it. But either way, just because they’re talking about it, doesn’t mean they HAVE to pick this or care about saving the world/wars/other things or else or that they don’t care about those other things as well. There are rules here and one over the other is ok too because it’s not up to us to judge what other people should/have to care about in life . To be offended otherwise be they’re not…doing it right-accord what you think is important because you want to judge them, is not any better than what you’re saying, nor is it our place to do so OR any of our business. You can’t MAKE people care about things that they just don’t if they don’t. If people want to blindly follow the crowd because they think it’s cool and really don’t care about other more ‘important’ things, that’s on them.

    3. @andres fernandez yes thank you 🙏🏽 like some types of « jokes » can be abusive mentally and break someone. Laughing at someone about their choices in their life is bullying. And if we doesn’t condone violence physically we can condone « jokes » that can degrade people and make them feel less than…

    4. It’s possible to care about several things at the same time. And people are upset that a crime was committed and no repercussions. Kids watch and learn from what their “heroes” do. And sadly, celebrities are now heroes to kids

    5. It is likely that children and adolescents systematically see and learn from what they are seeing on TV, computers, Celebrities play the roles of heroes, Among them there should be certain rules and not Exceed with said Comments, Jokes in certain offensive cases, but in In this case, Will Smith should be restrained or controlled using Emotional intelligence. @Jennifer Ramirez

  2. making excuses for physical violence is not part of my belief system. Chris Rock said words. Will smith got physical. And while I get that the words hurt, these celebs need to humble themselves and learn to have a sense of humor about themselves. When you allow someone’s words to hurt you, you give them all your power. They control you.

    1. I agree with this 100% and if Jada was a little more of a creative thinker she would have agreed to the joke laughed at the joke. and told Chris that’s actually a great idea for a new movie for her to star in, or an idea for a different movie that has a woman with very short hair. that’s taking her hair loss which is a negative and turning it into a positive. But sadly thats not what happened..

  3. Thank you for that comeback, that’s amazing I will definitely use that one keeping under my hat !! People try to use their beliefs on you whether they be in a positive or negative situation.

  4. This is the best observation I have seen so far anywhere. I’m grateful for your awareness. I’m grateful for a wider understanding of the situation. There’s has been so much judgment and condemnation about this topic. I’m glad I finally see some empathy, understanding and a loving way to see the situation.

  5. Thank you, Jake–another great presentation. I’m so glad that you’re helping people to get to know true Self, beyond the “character” that most assume themselves to be. Thank you, also, for asking people to contemplate whether they desire to hold a higher ideal of themselves and, therefore contribute to raising humanity, or be the cause of the opposite, by entertaining lower levels of thought. 🙏

  6. I’m so tired of the world revolving around that slap. I was just about to scroll passed this, but then I thought, “It’s Jake, I want to know what he has to say”. I’m glad I did not scroll passed, it did not disappoint.

  7. I’m over the whole Will Smith/Chris Rock thing already too. Yeah it spawned a few mildly entertaining memes but quickly after hearing a zillion different opinions on social media over it, it started just feeling like typical celebrity gossip and bad energy to me so I decided to distance myself from it all and all I can say about it now is that I wish the best for all parties involved. I’d much rather focus on positivity and manifesting good energy.

  8. Thank you for this Jake. I love how you put things into perspective. You are so right that we can easily lose control – but we have the choice to reject the negativity. I appreciate YOU🙏

  9. I’m brainwashing myself to believe that I’m here for an optimal, prosperous, serene life. Thanks for this.

  10. It’s an energetic storm that’s been going on for a while and it feels like it has been at a peak lately. I know that myself and some other people have been feeling super heavy and tired, but we seem to all agree that our sleeping dreams have been really good, even if we can’t remember them, they are giving us a good feeling when we wake up, and synchronicities’ are really happening a lot, that’s always fun. I quit watching TV a long time ago, but of course I saw the Wil Smith thing and both things were unnecessary, but it goes to show that we are all feeling the craziness, because of our connection. It’s been a bit since I watched one of your videos , I don’t know why, they always help. Thank you Jake 😊

  11. I’ve had friends asking how I feel about the whole Will VS Chris thing and my response has been this : ” well, I could use my time and energy to get caught up in someone else’s drama OR I could choose to use my time and energy to do something productive “. .. I’ve been spending my time working out and focusing on my fitness goals,and teaching myself pyrography

  12. Hi Jake ❤ Thanks for the video, positive message!
    I also don’t watch the Oscars, mainly just never know when or where they are on and in my current situation just not around a TV, but like so many folks I watched after it happened on the internet, came across a Twitter post about it, and all I can say is, the punishment didn’t fit the crime,
    if it was just the verbal outburst, one could say hey, he was defending his wife, but as distasteful as Chris Rocks joke was, violence is never the answer, specially on Live TV, it’s not a good message to send out into the Universe, where there is already war, and crime. Making fun of people is also not a good message, but I did read, that Chris was not aware Jada had Alapecia, might have just thought it was a fashion statement and made a joke about it. Either way, all the celebrities and comedians weighn in and picking sides, criticizing, when it’s all over and Will and Chris make up, they are the ones who will stand divided, because people make mistakes, they act out, and they also forgive and move on. And whether it be genuine ( which I hope it is), apologies and forgiveness of oneself and others is a way to heal, and people will heal and learn by their example, not their words.

    Indeed crazy scary times, but we rise above and not make all the negativity part of our belief system. Instead heal and hope to set an example of love and kindness. 🙏💙

  13. Jake you are right the worlds population was thrown into fear and uncertainty. The increase in domestic violence and separations, the whole energy has been low vibration. I have had to move away from people who have triggered me by saying things that were not helpful to my situation. Create is better than disintegrate.
    I use hypnosis and positive affirmations daily I made my own videos from last April.
    I give and receive love. Thank you.

  14. Amen! I learned this a long time ago. Cancelled TV in the 1990’s. Ahhh, so much peace without it.
    I used brainwashing myself after loss turned my world upside down. My quote… “Do more than survive, thrive!” So easy to get sucked into these vortexes of negativity. And when we do, we feed its energy and make it stronger! We can be joyful…and when we are it has a ripple effect into the world consciousness. Blessings! By the way, liked your hairstyle today. Stay happy! You are feeding the collective whole positive & joyful energy. That is what changes the world.

  15. Aloha Jake
    Either way I feel it’s sad! I don’t watch television, however this story is hard to avoid so many people are commenting on it. It sad if this was staged and they felt they had to stoop to this level for ratings or publicity. Sad if this was truly Will upset and hurt for his wife knowing how she has struggled with this disease, for him to feel he had to strike someone to defend his wife is a such negative humane response and keeps our society always perpetuating violence especially since this is a person many look up to even children. So the example this sets is not what I want our future generations to continue. It demonstrates the growth society still has to go through.

  16. Thank you sooo much for these words of encouragement. When events of this nature takes place as an individual you tend to reason with yourself, to comfort your soul, or others wonder what is happening.

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