Why your best ideas come in your sleep #Shorts

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6 thoughts on “Why your best ideas come in your sleep #Shorts

  1. Learn how to access them through an altered state of consciousness in this free class 👉🏻https://go.mindvalley.com/Sn-8yA3N

  2. I just looked up The Current War on Amazon Prime; and it doesn’t even mention Tesla! It describes it as the rivalry between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse. I only want to see it if it includes Tesla.

  3. This is a lot to ask, for everyone to acknowledge that there exists a level 7 when they are still yet to be blown away with their current discovery of level 4. Yes, you are right. Before I explain, you may be wondering how a man such as me with very few skills is here to design and deliver a message, and the answer is that I am standing behind a very powerful energy who chose me to help her in this current 3D life that she is born into. Let us get on with it: Right now the world is being held back by the injuries to our spirituality, both inner and in practice, that spiritual authority and organized religion have caused. This grief therefore is multi-generational such that we must go through not only the 5 stages of grief with respect to each trauma we chose to bare when being born into this life, but we also must process the same stages of grief for the traumas of past lives that we have not yet done so. The greatest obstacle to our processing this grief is “identity politics,” because whenever we identify with a group we are also agreeing to hold ourselves back in a stage of grief with the group. The reason that we identify with these groups is often not by choice, and is often through how we are being oppressed. So oppression of humans and forcing them into groups is the obstacle to our processing of grief. Oppression of human groups can be overcome by education of social constructs. Just like all of the solutions with respect to quantum relativity have already been discovered by academics in the faculty of Physics, so too have all of the solutions with respect to social constructs been discovered by academics in the faculty of Women’s Studies. When feminism arose many people asked why white women were getting help with their oppression before them. Therefore, when spiritual awakenings arise many people ask why white women are getting help with their spiritual grief before them. They are correct to ask, but one can only speculate that the answer has something to do with not having a choice and because this is the largest group of people who are oppressed and who have the privilege to change the minds about social constructs. The obstacle people face when teaching and learning that certain truths are actually social constructs is that it requires them to go through, or into the 4D. Therefore, helping white women with their oppression will affect 50% of the population of privileged people which will have a larger impact on the 4D than any other group can have. This 4D space will cause a cascade of events where everyone can access the 4D and learn about social constructs and make group identity a choice, and make processing inter-generational trauma possible for everyone. So the key message is that our future will have female leadership at every level of government, institution, corporation, business, and organization.

  4. As a musician, music ideas come into my dreams right when im 1 second into sleeping. So relatable.

    And paul mccartney ‘let it be’.

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