why the Law of Attraction is Ruining Your Life (And You Don’t Even Know It)

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the law of attraction might be ruining your life, and you don't even know it yet. In today's video I break down some of the biggest the law of attraction traps and how you can overcome them…

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The law of attraction is a powerful tool, let's be clear about that. But for a lot of people, they do not fully understand it. As a result, the law of attraction slowly ruins their life. They worry all the time. They are concerned if they are being positive or negative. They are in a constant state of anxiety. So the law of attraction picks of that energy, and they attract more of what they do not want, not realizing they are creating their own problems.


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20 thoughts on “why the Law of Attraction is Ruining Your Life (And You Don’t Even Know It)

  1. Yes so true I’ve given that up I just say an affirmation and leave it to the universe haven’t time to fret about a bad thought !

  2. Thank you so much. This is so eye opening. I never knew that I fractured my vibration. I can only make myself happy now! Love and light. God Bless You! And yours!

  3. OMG! This is what I’ve been doing. It has made me so confused at times. Thank you for this video, I needed it.

  4. This is absolutely brilliant! Absolutely truthful; right to the point. It’s like I know the truth and I know the the how, and then all of a sudden I get caught up in “analysis paralysis”…. Essentially analyzing that something hasn’t happened yet. I finally made the comparison; it reminds me of the game “red light, green light”.

    In the game you’re at the front and when your back is turned to the group they can advance and move. That’s when you call “Green light”.
    But, when you turn back and look at them, they must freeze, and that’s when you call “Red light”. If they don’t freeze, they’re eliminated.
    We are trained playing this game as children, that the ultimate goal is to maintain the position of the traffic light. ‘Do not let anybody/ anything sneak up on us’; always be in control. That is perhaps one of the things that interferes with just relaxing and releasing.
    I’ve tried to remind myself that this is what happens. I start to think of things that I want to manifest, and it’s like I turn around and look at what is coming and of course it freezes. But, if I turn away from it, focus, immerse myself in the thought as a present situation, and not as goal or final destination… I let go of what I perceive as control….

    Thank you for this Jake. It’s very straightforward!

  5. A quick reminder to LOA friends here. A fishing analogy.
    Thoughts cast out to the universe. Emotions reel it back to yourself.
    I can sit and think about many things but if i want to manifest them i have to consistently feel what Emotions would be evoked first by having it.

  6. U r absolutely right Jake..even I’m facing some issues recently with overthinking/self analysis too much.. Which is exhausting.. It’s really what ‘WE ARE’.. Thanks so much for this very helpful vdo.. 😁❤️👍👍All my love to Ashley.. Jada n U.. 💕💞💕

  7. Very insightful! I just wanted to leave a quick short comment: if anyone is wondering about the success hypnosis I can say that when I listen to it even for a few days, something good always comes my way. Last time I listened I got a promotion at my job! No I don’t work for jake lol just honest testimony, give it a try ✌🏾

  8. Thank You Jake, This Video spoke so much to Me, The emotion is The Key. 😉 Have a great weekend too. 🙏❤️😃👍

  9. That’s exactly what happened to me and then I went crazy started have panic attacks and then high levels of stress and anxiety kinda snowball into other mental illnesses and weird devilish emotional feelings that wouldn’t release.

  10. My god this video came right on time. I’m sitting here torturing and blaming myself all week because one of my beloved dogs died in such a horrible way. I’ve been sitting here thinking all week, “How this happen? What was I thinking for him to swallow stuff he shouldn’t have? Why couldn’t he survive after the surgery?” It’s made me rethink EVERYTHING because all I did was love the crap out of my dogs and think all day long what a blessing they were. I’ve been so angry and tortured and this feeling is the worst feeling in the world.

  11. Thank u Jake! On point, as always! This is exactly how I was feeling. I really needed this information… so knowing that, how can I get myself out of the thinking and into the positive vibe feelings? Meditation? Second Mind? Prayer? Suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance!

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