Why Most Relationships FAIL & How To Find A HIGH VALUE Partner! | Faith Jenkins

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Faith Jenkins (aka Judge Faith), has a legal career that spans over a decade in New York — from working as a Wall Street litigator to New York family court to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office where she prosecuted cases. She then became a legal commentator on cable news before taking the bench on her own court show — Judge Faith. She is now at the helm of the longest-running court show on TV – Divorce Court – where she helps couples resolve their personal & legal disputes with her tough-love approach. In November 2021, her book, “Sis, Don’t Settle: How to Stay Smart in Matters of the Heart,” dropped.

If you’re ready to discover the traits to look for in a high value partner, how to acquire more emotional maturity, how to not settle in relationships, and so much more, then this episode is for you! And now, please join me for Episode 1,221 of The School of Greatness.


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26 thoughts on “Why Most Relationships FAIL & How To Find A HIGH VALUE Partner! | Faith Jenkins

  1. Whoa 😳 she is incredibly wise!!! Nothing to do with her age, but rather her insights into her experiences. And living life.
    “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”
    🙏🏽✨💖✨”Pain and Joy, Sunshine and Rain” song by M.A.Z.E is true to the human experience. Both are needed for growth.

    I am so hooked on this channel. Better than streaming Netflix or Prime.

  2. Relationships are definitely a reflection of what is going on inside us. I believe that they can elevate us to be better because who we are becoming is forever evolving ✨️

    1. True. Change is the certainty. Never get with someone who refuses to be accountable for their emotions or grow.

  3. Familiarity breeds contempt. Look before you leap. Study the path before you walk on it. Be careful about what you wish for because you might not like what you get. Don’t confuse sex with love.

  4. Beautiful woman I love the way she carry’s herself I love her on divorce court especially hearing her story she didn’t get bitter or angry she didn’t let society dictate to her inspiring sista

  5. I agree with her when she says that “we are going to walk away from people with we love”. In my experience I learned to be independent since I was 6 years old. I had to separate from my parents, I experienced violence from my father. Also at the age of 21 I got married, after 12 years of marriage I am separating from my ex-husband. These two separations that hurt me, I was able to find my inner peace. The separation process is not easy but everything is temporary and at the end of the day the most important thing is inner peace. Thank you Lewis for your great interview with valuable information.💛🦋

  6. Faith Jenkins spoke with a real understanding of relationships. I’ve found the truth in what was said. It’s not the situations that mess us up. It’s the way we handle them.

  7. Exactly. Most people who have negatives or are basically dishonest are people who live behind a facade – what they think you want to see. I learned a big life lesson to wait long enough for the facade to fall & learn what really makes that person tick. Don’t let them push you into a relationship too soon that will be toxic.

  8. Love is just LOVE, We all have the capabilty to have self love and to be loved.
    In utopia it can be unconditional but the reality is we are HUMAN. Things change, feelings change, perception changes and finally we change.
    Each and everyone of us are continually growing and learning all our lives we must learn not to put pressure on ourselves.

    This is life guys not a Fairytale. In order for any relationship be a success you need to 1st work on yourself, learn from the past, set boundaries, be open to love and accept that nobody is perfect.
    We all mess up from time to time and individuals should not be judged on that. I believe it should be a clean slate from onset.
    Life is not a race, embrace life, fall in love when your ready and not when someone tells you too and enjoy the journey.

    It’s very easy to fall in love the challenge is staying love in my opion. Being compassionate, loving, caring, understanding, supportive, encouraging and truthful with your partner.

    I was married for 20 years to a Narcissistic, controlling and racist husband. Before marriage I was confident person after marriage I had to go through years of therapy and counselling before opening up for love again.
    At the moment I’m Happy and single. I am dating after a long time healing but in a much better headspace and recognise the triggers and have realistic expectations.

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  10. There are a variety of reasons why relationships don’t go the distance. The main reasons why relationships fail are loss of trust, poor communication, lack of respect, a difference in priorities, and little intimacy.

    1. A divorce attorney said that the main ingredient that signaled a relationship couldn’t be turned around/salvaged is when resentment entered the picture. (Which can build up if there is lack of respect/communication, or moreover, lack of acknowledging feelings/perspective of a party that may in fact be communicative)

  11. Wow this was an amazing interview. Thank you for having her on your podcast she’s definitely dropping gems & words of wisdom ❤️

  12. Leaving people you love, or even people that you’re still in love with is the most difficult thing. But it’s also the most valuable in order to rise above. Like she said suffering is optional. This interview really hit home in so many places. Thank you again for such great content. ❤️🙏🏾🌈

  13. I am a senior citizen. For us older folks, it does our hearts good to listen to the young people that practice what they preach & with so much great insight 🙏💕

  14. This lady is what most bright men would see as a strong woman who’s smart and full of wisdom. No question she won’t draw everybody but I would say she is a top choice in the type of woman a wise man would choose if they were looking.

  15. WOW This Interview ❤️ Just ordered the book and audible 🥰. Faith you triggered something in me today, I can’t even begin to explain but with that I’m sending you out so Much Love and to you too Lewis for bringing such a powerful, positive female into our presence🙏🏼🥰❤️💯❤️‍🔥

  16. I have learned so much from my failed relationships. I feel like I know a lot of what she shared in this interview. I hope to meet a new partner now that I consider myself to be healed so I can experience what a real relationship can be.

  17. It was such a pleasure to watch this beautiful conversation! It comes at the right moment and time for me. I apreciated it a lot! So much wisdom .Thank you both!

  18. This was really good!!!! After listening to her and going back over my life experiences, she has motivated me to right a relationships best seller! Keep up the good work bringing on great speakers!

  19. I love this talk! Thank you Lewis and Faith for the discussion! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  20. This was great! Definitely going to consider counseling before I take the next step in my relationship.

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