When You Want to Quit Your Job, Do This!!

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In this video, I break down what to do if you want to quit your job. A lot of people give bad advice about quitting your job, they just tell you to 'go for it' but I think that only causes more stress. So in this video, we break down what to do if you want to quit your job. I share the story about my wife wanting to quit her job and the simple steps we took to start to build her a new income stream, and keeping her job, until she had saved enough to go part time.

When You Want to Quit Your Job, Do This!!


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30 thoughts on “When You Want to Quit Your Job, Do This!!

  1. Strategy is key… I believe in taking big risks.. but in a way that our current responsibilities are still taken care of 🔥❤️😁

    1. Hi Max. I also aspire to be a successful trader or investor. It’s one of hardest things to do if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

    1. I want to try this, but I don’t have a home right now and need to be practical with my money while trying to get through this transition safely. I’m going to see what I can do to get the $$$ together soon, I am a death doula, a caregiver, grief counselor and spiritual advisor, if you and Ash need anything let me know. Really sorry to hear about your grandmother. Everything will be okay! 🖤

  2. I personally quit my job, and plumbing course to become a trader, thinking I’d make millions… the reality was I lost all my money and ended up figuring out another way… I had to do part time jobs in between but I eventually got the point of being a full time hypnotherapist 🙏🏽❤️

    1. See this is what I want to do but I am terrified. I know it’s takes a leap of faith but my gosh that is one scary leap 😬😳

    2. @Maylene Martinez honestly I was scared, still can be scary but the freedom for me is so much leverage for me, I’m going to Mexico for a month next week because I can! That’s the stuff that lights me up! I can do what I want if I work hard enough 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 honestly you will not regret going all in and going for it! You can always go back to what you did before

  3. Ashley’s lucky to have you, Jake❤️ I quit my job end of 2021, after 10 years, where there was a concerted effort from my boss & colleagues to squash my light. I’d been shifting my mindset for 4 years before I could finally quit, but couldn’t save much from an already low salary since I was the only one responsible for myself. I wish I could’ve had a supportive partner during this time, but God was with me🙌. I just want to give a shout out to all the single babes out there— yes you can do this!!💖✨

    1. im like that aswell. also i think the negative vibes you feel all day when at a job you hate block you from receiving something new. ive never been able to focus on feeling good when at a toxic full-time job. i admire people who can do it, i’ve tried many times but it seems better for me if i just quit first even without much savings or financial support

  4. Great advice!!! This is along the lines of what I did in 2008 when I actually had “3 businesses”, 2 jobs and doing readings on the side but at that time I did a lot of research on how to make my mediumship work my full time job and applied marketing strategies and spiritual work..something I invented I call “Affirmations Times 3” and was able to quit my 2 jobs and do what I’m meant to do my readings and classes full time within 4 months and there has been no looking back…now I’m developing this new biz developing courses and stuff like that. If you’re reading this DON’T GIVE UP!!

  5. Thank you! I definitely needed to hear this. I too am an artist and having trouble selling any of it. I’m a graphic designer by trade but it’s not my passion. I create wood burning images too as well as paintings. Fine arts is where my soul is. I’ve been feeling useless at my job since nobody is using me for their ads for the company I work for. It’s really taring down my mental state. My dream job is to sell my art but don’t know where to start, where to sell it, how to sell it. Art is a tricky thing. I put my heart and soul into everything I create. To me if nobody buys it, it puts a dent into my heart and soul. (I’m working on that) So long story short. Thank you

    1. I’ve just started designing print-on-demand stuff and put it on Etsy. The first sale takes a while, but feels good! There are a lot of videos on how to start and run an Etsy store. In fact, I’ve seen people do things like paint or draw and then make a digital print of that image and put it on things like downloadable/printable greeting cards, or you could use it as a cover for a POD journal from Amazon (look up KDP no- and low-content publishing). So it’s a way to sell the same piece of art multiple times and get more mileage out of your time. Your graphic design skills would pair very well with your original art work in that case. A lot of people doing POD can’t make their own artwork, so your stuff would be very unique.

      Creative Marketplace is another place where you can sell digital copies of your art with a license for people to use it personally or commercially; a lot of POD people shop there.

    2. @Keri M. Peardon I started a artpal and etsy shop. So far no luck, I need patients. Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll look into those

    3. @Rachel Yeah, getting the first sales are not easy. Something that’s supposed to help you out in the algorithm are views and likes and people putting things into their cart (even if they don’t buy). You can advertise your business to your social media friends and ask them to just like your store and maybe some products in it and put something in their cart, if they have an Etsy account. They don’t have to buy anything; just doing that helps you out. (Although it does help more if they buy and review, LOL.)

      Having a lot of stuff in your Etsy store is also supposed to be helpful (although not a deal-breaker). Doing some printables with your art could be a way of getting a healthy amount of items in your shop relatively quickly and easily. Also, Etsy likes people to be active on the platform and in their shop. I’m sure doing paintings and the like, you can’t post new products very often because of the labor involved. But you have to be on Etsy regularly and fiddling around in your store at least once a week. Just tweak some pictures or keywords or something. (This is another good reason to make some quickie digital products; adding them gives you something to do in your store regularly.)

      Mey Aroyo is an artist Etsy seller that I’ve been following on YouTube; she has a lot of useful info about POD and printables and what she uses for her digital artwork. Another is Life Hacker Couple. They have a playlist set up a bit like an online course that walks you through starting a POD business. And even if you aren’t interested in that (although have you considered making art for t-shirts? I’ve seen some beautiful shirts printed with museum paintings that appeal to a certain niche), they have info on how to do SEO keywords in your title and tags. I’ve learned some things from them about photos and have been reworking some of the product photos in my store.

  6. My condolences on your loss. Grand parents are such a blessing to have. I didnt get the opportunity to know any of my grand parents. God bless you with great memories.

  7. The biggest problem with this strategy is what you have pointed out in many of your videos, many people live paycheck to paycheck. Keeping your current job to put money aside if you are just meeting your needs is not a possibility for many.

  8. I’ve already made the decision to quit after 3 years and do exactly what you just described. This was just confirmation that I am in alignment with my goals .

  9. I’m so grateful for you Jake for sharing this, divine timing cos i really needed this inspiration today!

  10. Hey hey Jake. I pulled the trigger last night and got my spot in the $10K in 10 weeks last night. I’ve been watching your channel since before you had even 30K subscribers and have always wanted to get into one of your programs. Now it’s a reality. I wish I could sit down with you and let you know how much your channel has helped me throughout the last couple of years, but this message here will have to do for now. Thank you for your insight and wisdom. I am most thankful for you.

  11. Thank You for doing this for Us. You are a true Hero. 💯 % with You. Your Grandma never leaves You. ❤️ Blessings and love from Denmark 🇩🇰

  12. Here I go!!! Thank you Jake for giving me the courage to do it been following you a long time now and decided to stop listening and start doing

  13. Sorry to heard about your grandmother. Prayers being said 🙏 🙌 thank you ❤️ you’re awsome and I love your videos

  14. One year away to live on social security I can do better . I’m so encouraged by you especially and the things you learn from Bob Proctor . Thank you

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