Warning: Astral Projection side effects include…

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What's the link between Astral Projection and veganism?! 🌎

Thank you, @Jade Shaw for this fascinating insight into the unexpected side effects of Astral Projection.

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9 thoughts on “Warning: Astral Projection side effects include…

  1. I agree with most of the things she said. However, you can be compassionate to animals, but still eat them. It depends on how you see and feel about it. I’ve seen many videos on how the animals we consume are treated and processed. It hasn’t stopped me from eating meat.

    1. 2 things: 1. We repeat our patterns and habits from our past. That if you grew up eating meat, that would be your norm. If you grew up eating a vegan diet, then you would choose plants as your nourishment.
      2. We crave what our gut tells us. Our microbiome, or the bacteria in our guts, tell us what we like to eat. Until you change it, you crave certain foods like sugars, fats, and meat.

  2. A.H was a very compassionate man we know this because he cares for animals, he was a vegetarian On August 28, 1933, Goring announced in a radio broadcast…

    “A permanent ban in vivisection is not only a necessary law to protect animals and show sympathy with their pain, but is also long for humanity itself.”

    The ritual of animals as kosher and halal was banned, the rights animal protection act was enacted Germany even hosted an international conference on animal protection in Berlin, education on animal protection laws were introduced at primary, secondary, and college levels, animal protection was accepted as a subject to be taught in public schools and universities in Germany.

    A.H also created the first environmental protection laws in history, the German imperial conservation law of 1935 was passed, which protected remaining portions of landscape in free nature whose preservation on account of rarity, distinctiveness, ethnic, and scientific forest, or hunting significance lies in the general interest.

    I know what you think I’m saying is ridiculous but if you go to RoxyTube and search the term “More relevant today” (It Will automatically come up) You can discover for yourself..

  3. Most people will react to the topic of veganism because it’s so political… overlooking the significance here; which is that we feel an urge to make conscious changes in our life (whatever it may be) when we have such life-changring experiences such as Astral Projection. A lot of people on my channel changed their lives dramatically when their consciousness shifted to this “bigger picture” of reality that Jade talks about.

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