Urgent message!

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26 thoughts on “Urgent message!

  1. My heart goes out to you and your Grandma Jake! May you enjoy your time with her. Blessings of love to you and yours! Thank you! 🙋‍♀️❤️

  2. I hope you are able to comfort her and be there for her during these hard times. 💛 Thank you for being a kind Soul

  3. Very sorry to hear about yoru grandmother. Loving vibes sent out to you and your family! I’ve been following you for years and looking forward to checking out this new program. Speak it, claim it and feel it!

  4. So sorry 😢 god bless you all. Prayers coming your way. Jake stay safe , no road rage, it’s crazy out there.🙏🏻

  5. You are such an amazing human Jake!!! Thank you for being an amazing mentor. There has been so much going on for you lately and you are so kind to do this ((hugs)) 🌻

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. May peace and love envelope her and your family at this time. Safe travels, Jake!

  7. YOU ARE THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL GUY!! Thank you Thank you Thank you & prayers and positive vibes for your grandma and family !!!!

  8. Blessings to you Jake during this time may you be Blessed with JESUS peace that surpasses all understanding during this time in the Mighty name of JESUS CHRIST Amen!

  9. Sorry about your grandma Jake sending great energy to you and your family you have had a few hard times lately it will get better😇🤗🙏

  10. My love and blessings to you brother and prayers for your grandma. This sounds like a great course thank you for offering it for us.

  11. Hey Jake I love your videos and I love your energy and your heart. I was willing to sign up for your program, right up until I realized that long video is the EXACT same sales pitch that all the others have used in the past that my friends have tried and they turned out to be either scams, or they made you purchase the program at a “discounted price” but then once in the program had to buy all these extras to make the program work. All of my friends who have tried those things have gotten screwed before and I have researched some of them, they make people spend $1,000 or 2,000 or even 5, 000 on a “how to become rich quick program” and then walk away with the money by just forming some bullshit steps that aren’t actually steps. So I am just wary of these kind of things. With that being said, I did get through the video and learned it was a low price, which I will admit is honestly the best lowest price I’ve seen but I am still hesitant. Can you promise us you won’t make us buy more things once we buy the initial program? It’s no disrespect to you, I think you’re great and I did trust you, but the format sales pitchy monologue just triggers me into thinking of those scammers. I think many of your followers would appreciate a personal video on YouTube from you explaining more in depth about it and promising there won’t be “necessary add on” or “hidden costs” Thanks so much! And I am sorry about your grandmother ❤️

  12. Awww Jake, I’m sorry to hear about your grandma. Grandmas are so important! They’re wonderful. I was raised by mine 💕 I miss her. I wsh your grandmother peace and blessings on her journey, God will get another angel ✨🕊
    PS Welcome back to California.. not sure how I wound up back here, but this state has a way of doing that to us!

  13. I send as much love as you & your gram can handle <3 these are probably the most difficult things we ever experience throughout our entire lives. I know you already know what a blessing it's been to have her in your life for years into your adulthood- it's a sadly rare thing (mine were all gone by the time I was 16) But yeah, as much love as you can accept <3

  14. Awe, Jake…. So, glad you can easily bring your family home to be with your Grandmother.. These are precious moments. I bet that little girl of yours and Ashley’s is bringing much needed unconditional love and joy. Gos bless you Jake, all your days. Thank you so much for not following the prescription of education and the path of Slave debit system. Putting a money map together is so practical. That REALLY speaks to me! I cant wait to get started. TY❤️💃

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