Turn impossible ideas into opportunities with this powerful question | Naveen Jain

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Most people ask the wrong questions.

But moonshot thinkers ask one game-changing question that turn impossible ideas into opportunities — extraordinary ideas that can change the world and make a positive difference.

What the video to find out what that powerful question is.

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About Naveen Jain:

🚀Naveen Jain’s company, Moon Express, is the first private company in the history of mankind to land a spacecraft on the moon, with the support of NASA and a seven-figure Google grant.

🚀 He is an award-winning entrepreneur and philanthropist with an uncanny gift for solving big challenges through innovation.

🚀 He is the founder of the World Innovation Institute, iNome, and other companies making tremendous strides towards big and seemingly impossible goals – including making illness optional through microbial gene expression.

🚀 Naveen credits his stratospheric ascension to his extraordinary mindset and approach to envisioning, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship.

About the Masterclass:

🌙 Explore the beliefs, thought processes, and models of reality that shatter your subconscious limitations, and open you to new ways of thinking and achieving.

🌙 Discover how to harness the strategies of the world’s best visionaries and problem solvers to level up yourself and your team – and create transformational success in your business.

🌙 Learn the step-by-step game plan for amplifying your impact x1000.

🌙 Discover how the world’s top performers get so much done – and how you can too.

🌙 Learn the visionary’s guide to accelerated goal achievement.

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15 thoughts on “Turn impossible ideas into opportunities with this powerful question | Naveen Jain

  1. To the *incredible person* that’s seeing this, I wish you all the best in life❤ don’t over blame yourself, accept things and go forward. Don’t let others define what “success” is for you. Get up, learn the skills needed and get after it, all the keys to a happy life is in your hands. Keep pushing.

  2. I lost my job during the pandemic, I started this channel believing things will get better💯.

  3. Really love this man. Plant based diet is great for the environment and what if we can take energy from something like electricity or wind? What if we can convert atoms of aluminium or silicon or other abundant and cheap elements into calcium, magnesium, gold or whatever and make real food items from that? Is anyone interested in that kind of stuff?

  4. Find a bunch of suckers, you’ll get rich and they’ll spend their money on the next guy promising happiness. Easy.

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