Turn Fear into Excitement: How to alchemize emotions and INTENTIONALLY MANIFEST

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21 thoughts on “Turn Fear into Excitement: How to alchemize emotions and INTENTIONALLY MANIFEST

  1. Please follow up with discernment and judgement! Thank you for this video. I am excited to start my new journey at my new job.

  2. Yassssss this video hit on exactly what I’m experiencing!!! Unknowns are now a source of excitement weather it’s with romance, family issues or work/career concerns!!! I’m like come at me baby!!! Lol It’s one day at time but such a wonderful feeling even when I noticed I’m scared I’m able to shift my belief back gratitude and adventure/excitement ✨ 💕

  3. So thankful for my journey, people like you and your channel! Thank You❤️
    Ideas for March:
    Major March
    Magnificent/Magnetic/Magnitude March lol
    Magic March
    Makeover March
    Money Making March🤑
    Manifesting Millions in March✔️
    Marvelous March💫


  4. Wado so much oginalii, thank you so much my friend, for this video. I had a long conversation with my guides last night over tea medicine over this EXACT topic!!! It was so lovely to wake up today to this. I asked them how to turn my fear, my lack, my anger, into something that serves. I got some guidance, but it was so nice to here from a 3D source in detail how to actually take steps towards those changes.

    Your channel has been a real game changer for me as a kid who’s trapped financially in an toxic household. I’m grateful for my isolation because I know its what I need for where I’m at in my journey, but it definitely makes it difficult to stay in the vibration I want to be in when the only energy I’m surrounded with consistently is very low. Your guidance, support, and love, is not only a lighthouse but an anchor. Wado for being the family I deserve, to you and everyone in the bendy bunch ✨💫❣️

  5. Found this right on time. Starting something new and big for me tomorrow. I’ve been using faith and digging my ditches as Florence Scovel Shinn put it. Working through my emotions. Thanks for this video.

  6. Are you kidding meeeee, i have a date tomorrow for the first time in a very long time and ive been nervous as fffff about it! You really delivered today!

  7. I get so excited for your content you’re definitely a teacher to me in this human experience of life ❤️

    I was just saying to myself I have more than I need! Over the weekend my bestie showing me her new hoodie and I started fixating on buying it. I am trying to be more minimal and realize my impulse buys are just programmed into me. Instead of buying, I decluttered my closet and I have more than I need. Abundance is truly every where we just need to see it and perceive it!

  8. Hello guys! Happy love day. Would love some advice or practices that might help:
    I haven’t been working a job because I’ve been working to live my life the way I choose while doing what I love. I’ve been blessed however it hasn’t been enough to cover my financial obligations and now my car just got repossessed. I am manifesting getting it back and surrendering to god. However, I have to pay a large amount in a short time frame. Is there any practices or anything you would recommend me doing or looking into.

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