“TRAIN Your Brain To MAKE MORE MONEY In 10 Days!” (Law of Attraction) | Powerful!

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✅ Learn More At ▶ https://www.jakeducey.com/get10k/

In this video, we break down whether you can train your brain to make more money. The law of attraction is a popular term and a lot of people try to attract money using the law of attraction, but what they don't understand is that you can attract more money. In today's video we break down the laws of compensation and how to change your financial life.

✅ Learn More At ▶ https://www.jakeducey.com/get10k/

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40 thoughts on ““TRAIN Your Brain To MAKE MORE MONEY In 10 Days!” (Law of Attraction) | Powerful!

  1. The universe is mental. The mind is a powerful thing, the potentials are limitless. If failures occur with the mind, don`t worry, laugh, it just a telling “sign” of more practicing needed in the applications department.

  2. Is this one of those I pay you for the information and the information is “do what I did” have people pay you for information and that’s how u made your money

  3. Thänks Jake, all good is already on it’s way to me 🔥 and us ❤️

  4. it all sounds great but what do I do whan i am disabled and on a fixed income of 750 dollars a month what do I do when I need to pay all my bills and nearly have anything left over seems to me that you do not understand that simple point. love ya brother. fact even at 50 percent off I still can not afford it. what do I do now.??????????????????

    1. I understand but thinking like that can’t help. Make up your mind and start to act and believe you can make your dream come true.

  5. Where we’re going we don’t need money! Ascension 5D in progress! Rejoice, we’re going home.

  6. Hi, Jake with you, it is possible,. Money is my aim.👑🤑🍀😘👍🙌😇🌹😁🍀🍀

  7. Hey Jake, I am a big fan and believe in what u say. However, there were no testimonials from people who worked with u previously. It will be great to see and hear their experience.

  8. Thank u Jake for the time invested in all your videos for the sole purpose that “we” your viewers can benefit!! Thx for sharing your gift!! One of the most powerful techniques that I have learned from u over the yrs is “HYPNOTIC WRITING”!!!! Sure, like many of us, I would speak words to affirm my desires, but there is something very powerful in repetitive writing, it will definitely cause a shift as the subconscious begins to reprogram. Very early in the morning before my day begins I write over & over “I Am A Millionaire” or ‘”I Am A Happy Spiritual Millionaire” / then I will follow it with listening to your hypnotic affirmation “Large Sums Of Money Come To Me Now”. Thank You Jake!!!! Sherry/Dallas, TX

  9. This topic is an incredible for studying when we have a peaceful and calm in mind that we are connecting with universe by our spiritual 🙏

  10. The music is so distracting. It dominates the video. and takes away from what you are saying. Just saying this because I really want to be able to focus on your words.

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