“This Sound Changes Your Brain in 10 Minutes” | THE SCIENCE OF BRAIN ENTRAINMENT

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35 thoughts on ““This Sound Changes Your Brain in 10 Minutes” | THE SCIENCE OF BRAIN ENTRAINMENT

  1. If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities, if you believe it won’t, you’ll see obstacles.

    Much Love from a Law Of Attraction YouTuber 💜

  2. Incredible person reading this, you have everything there is to succeed in life, whatever that is for you. Go after the life you truly want NOW! ✨
    I believe in you! Love – Nat ❤️

  3. Great Job👏🏼 – i knew this medicin and used it for myself for a long time now. I can highly recommend it to everybody. It is true and it workes so well!!
    Thank you for posting this ❤

  4. i love listening to steven libby… his music with binaural beats works so well with me. theta realms as well.. check them out!

  5. I have used frequency for years it works for me. I also use it on my food & water.
    Thank you.
    Happy Saint Patricks Day 🍀💖🍀.

    1. @priscamolotsi
      I have just checked it is there. I am sorry you cannot see it there are quite a few playlists. Perhaps they have blocked it I am in the UK & have found sometimes this is the case 😢.

    2. @Hz Hz I found the Water playlist. It has around 34 videos. Does the playlist has binaural beats video too which I can play regularly?

  6. Would YouTube be a good place to listen to binaural beats? I ask because I don’t know if when they’re uploaded YouTube changes the formatting of the audio in a way that would make it NOT the proper frequency needed to benefit from ‘binaural beats.’

  7. “The brain’s language is frequency.”
    Dang! Who woulda thot of that? Oh wait, I do know 1 guy that said something akin to this, and I know a whole lot of people that have known this for as long as they can remember lol. Like they everything I’m sure the person behind the channel knows this but for the rest of everyone who doesn’t, you guys have A LOT of catching up to do lol. So much so that most of you will never get there even if you try.

    1. It’s crazy just how much info we have forgotten and it’s sad really. Also there are many things we do know that is being held from us. Like we could have been living like the Jetsons since the 70’s but nope.

  8. Nice info. Don’t fear cortisol though. It’s vital for our “get up and go” in the morning. Over expressed cortisol. Or high cortisol when we’re eating or trying to sleep is an issue. Everything is context dependent.

  9. Thank you for shedding some small light on pharmaceuticals! We need to take shots at them whenever possible as they have such a tight grip on such a large portion of the population (at least in the US)

  10. Thank Uuuuu so very much.
    Blessings in Light and Love to you and all watching this video.

    Light, Truth, Love and Peace to all. Amén, veamen 🙏💖🕊️

  11. So very true. PH is equal to voltage. Equal to frequency. Our bad habits keep us at lower frequency. Get fresh foods…look at breathing techniques. So much more to this technology. Good luck folks. Not hard. Try it. You’ll be soooo glad you did.

  12. I thought most everyday headphones can not emit such low frequencies. My Iphone headphones are dead quiet below 20hz.

  13. Same experience. 15+y too.
    Works the best on big headphones.
    Had some PC program named “Harmony Sound” in past. But I’ve lost it in time …

    Since than, was looking for it for a longer time, unsuccessfully. Than I noticed it’s something similar on YT.
    “Solfegio frequencies” “monks chants” or sound of the “tibetian bowls” “bells” works well too. But this needs to be played with speaker/s, ideally with powerfull one/stereo with deep bass.
    Doesn’t have to be too loud, you just need to feel the vibration through the resonance of the sound in space.
    That heals all of your entire body and soul… Every frequency doing something… and when you match with your voice the SAME soud and resonance as you hear… you’re right there … (this ending part is about tibetian monks chants mostly)

    Enjoy, and keep exploring the universe throughout your spirit!

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