This simple knowledge changed my life… Broadcast new energy!

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The energy you put out, you always get back!
It's a universal law…

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26 thoughts on “This simple knowledge changed my life… Broadcast new energy!

  1. Like a radio transmitter or a cell tower, the end device (radio or cell phone) needs to be tuned to the broadcasting frequency in order to accept what’s been transmitted.
    Broadcast love and love will tune in and connect with your broadcast.

    1. @YouAreCreators yupp… Appreciate your videos man… Was just tuned in to some affirmations, feeling all powerful, then boom 💥 great news came in.
      Bigup Yuhself 🇯🇲 🤜🏻🤛🏾

  2. What do you do when you think positive and do positive actions but continue to get mean mugs and negative energy from others?

    1. Just focus on raising your energy and notice how ppl with similar energy join you in your bliss 😌

  3. Wow
    Your absolutely right! I never thought about it like that!!♥️💫

    Your a earth angel! Thank u for all you share with humanity

  4. This is what people mean when they say life is happening through you!!! Also “be the change you wish to see” is another good way to view the world.

  5. I feel this Justin. You attract what you in harmony with! Get in harmony with abundance only abundance!

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