THEY ARE KEEPING YOU POOR | Make More Money in 2022 (DO NOT SKIP!)

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Making more money is usually about what you should do. But today instead, we break down what you must quit doing if you want to make more money in 2022….

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A lot of people are trying to make more money in 2022. There is so much advice out today to help. A lot of it is focused on simple hacks you should do if you want to make more money. But there's one really big idea that changed my whole life.

It was about what you need to STOP doing. Yes, there are certain things you have to stop doing if you want to make more money. People always talk about what they're doing to get rich and how to attract money, but rarely do they discuss if they have the right strategy. After reading this book and learning this big idea, I realized that I needed to stop doing certain things to change my financial life.


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38 thoughts on “THEY ARE KEEPING YOU POOR | Make More Money in 2022 (DO NOT SKIP!)

  1. It’s done as you say. Your wordt and prayers are coming back to you with results. Stay expectant.

  2. Well done, bro. That was excellent. You’ve got me going now. This is in my top ten vids from you. More please.

  3. This is great! Thank you for breaking it all down Jake. I didn’t know this when I did my New years eve ceremony leading into 2020 when Spirit told me to start a Youtube Channel saying that the world was about to change and there’d be a need for these teachings I am able to offer.

    but the only problem was I sucked on camera….I mean REALLY sucked so I applied the same techniques I used to heal illness doctors said I’d never heal from which was mental reprogramming techniques with mental rehearsal and practice…then came Covid, the world changed and I launched June of that year. I also found this channel around this time looking for teachers and guidance and it’s been an amazing part of my journey.. Thank you

  4. So good, I need two watch a couple more times! Great video, Jake!❤ Blessings to you, Ashley and Jada! Send lots of love your way!

  5. Awesome video man THANK YOU! it’s really eye opening if you can get it. Just the thought of it makes you kinda see how the roles will switch. Much needed!

  6. I really like when you talk about subjects other than just manifestation. You have a in-depth background of knowledge from experience and reading. I always wait for these types of videos you produce. I get the manifestation principle, but there’s lots of other stuff to learn as well.

    1. I’m planning to do a lot more. I’ve kind of just been coasting getting used to being a dad and working from home with baby. I just built a new film studio. And excited to put it to work here in the next week. Will make a lot more content other than just manifestation

    2. @Jake Ducey very happy to hear you’re settling into the new wonderful life!!

      Excited to see what content is coming down the pike!

      I’ve been following u & persisting with your affirmation tapes & web resources since summer 2019. Amazing changes have taken place in my life.

      Thank you & God bless you + your wonderful healthy happy abundant family in every way a family can be blessed (happiness, health, material wealth, etc.) ❤️📈💰

  7. Great video Jake! Definitely going to keep this in mind for the future. You are an inspiration for many, thank you for all that you do! 🙏🏻❤️💫

  8. Jake…I love you brother ❤️

    #thanksForBeingU #thanksForYearsOfWisdom 🧙‍♂️📈💰

  9. loved this content. Made so much sense. I’ve heard this from Jake before ,Today my mind was in the right place and it flipped a switch💚👍👍 thank you

  10. As always pleasure to hear your explanations,sharing your wisdom,experiences,etc.Always great videos.You are awesome 😎👍 Thank-you again 🙏✨💞🙌💫

  11. What he’s saying actually seems very simple especially in this time where everyone is talking about being an “entrepreneur”. The problem is most people are trained and are mentally susceptible to being in the rat race. If you pull away from that to try to place yourself in an uncontrolled environment, you get a lot of backlash from family and friends. Most people cannot handle the criticism. What are you going to do for money? How are you going to pay your bills? What are you going to do about retirement?..and it goes on. The average person is comfortable with positional power. They want the good job, the higher position and more money and they think that’s success. But personal power is what you really want and the honest truth is not everyone is positioned for that. If you really want to be free you have to totally change your mindset. It also depends on how far you have dug yourself into being a consumer with a whole bunch of bills, mortgages, loan payments, etc. What about if you focused so long on family and you’ve got a bunch of responsibilities? All those things end up in the equation.

    There’s also the element of knowing quality and offering quality which a lot of people are not ready for as well. And we are breeding a whole generation of lackadaisical youth who don’t want to put in the work and think they are owed everything. Interestingly, I’ve been doing Uber deliveries for extra cash primarily because it is a controlled environment and I love making my own schedule and determining when and how much I want to work. The funny thing is that all of the gig apps now are coming under fire because people can’t handle the freedom and now they want unions and schedules and insurance and all, of course giving up their freedom. It doesn’t make any sense to me but this is the same mentality that is going to keep people in the rat race.

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