The VICTIM Mentality Is Ruining Your Life (take charge of your life) – Jordan Peterson Motivation

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The VICTIM Mentality Is Ruining Your Life (take charge of your life) – Jordan Peterson Motivation
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Speaker: Jordan Peterson



I'm a 24 year old video editor. I'm passionate about self-development and I created this channel with the mission and hope of motivating and helping anybody who is going through a difficult time.



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36 thoughts on “The VICTIM Mentality Is Ruining Your Life (take charge of your life) – Jordan Peterson Motivation

  1. To anybody who’s reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the darks thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind right now. May clarity replace confusion. May peace and calmness fill your life.

    *I hope this helps you* 🥰

  2. This🎆🎆 man has done more to change people’s lives than almost anyone else in the last decade. What do you think? 🎇🎇……

  3. It’s hard at times not feeling like a victim, wife of 19 years just left the kids and I and this is after my mother died, we get locked down due to Charlie 19 and then my Father dies. Upside is going thru/surviving all this sure toughens you up. Life goes on and a tiny bit of positivity is: We we’re able to see Jordan Peterson lecture in person this month. life can be good, just don’t give up

    1. @Debbie Gomez Well, nobody are born with the tools. The tools come up as we search for a way to avoid suffering

    2. There’s a difference between being a victim and victim mentality. Your doing good looking at the bright side already. ‘You can’t help others at rock bottom if you haven’t been there yourself.’ Is something that has helped me personally. I don’t ever want to live how I was again but I know I can make it through even if that’s the case. Sad story.

    3. Life is good. God bless u brother for being a positive person. Remember that fortune favors the strong.

  4. Absolutely remarkable presentation from Jordan… Never ceases to amaze me the amount of sincerity in his voice, you can tell how much he wants people to achieve their ultimate potential. And the way he lays down the solutions are incredibly comprehensible to where it is a no brainer.

  5. I agree completly, adopting The victim mentality, Is not good for you, Is not good for your friends and familiy, Is not good for society, every Time i can, i avoid this mentality

  6. Thank you, I was a single father, with two small children, , and if you asked me what part of my life I would repeat if I could…it would be that time…It was wonderful, and I loved teaching, raising, and protecting them, ..and they turned out great..I’m so blessed…

  7. There’s a danger in accepting too much responsibility and avoiding feeling like a victim at any cost. A rape victim for example would feel much more trauma in their life if they felt it was entirely their fault especially if it objectively wasn’t or it had little to do with their behavior.

    1. You’re insinuating that the rape victim is at fault for being raped. Let that sink in for second. I rape victim never holds any responsibility for their own victimization. Your missing the point of Jordan Peterson’s lecture. He’s speaking about people who, by their OWN decisions, have put themselves in shitty situations and only by owning and taking responsibility for one’s self can one actually transcend their own suffering. Therefore, better equipped to face the harsh realities that life brings us.

    2. You missed the point of his lecture. Jordan is saying: yes, you’re a victim. Deal with it. Overcome that suffering when you were a victim of something. Otherwise, you will live a meaningless life just sitting in the sofa and being depressed.

      Being a victim is not an excuse for wasting your life a way. Jordan is telling you that, if you’re the victim of something, then work to overcome that suffering and that trauma. Don’t use your bad situations as an excuse to to to do anything with your life.

    3. He just seems to lack compassion for some of the real victims that can exist in this life. How can you apply his bootstrap lecture to some starving third worlder in which most of his lot in life wasn’t his fault and little of his situation can be changed externally no matter how hard he tries. I know, I know his talks are geared mostly to spoiled Westerners who have it pretty nice compared to the rest of the world, I just wish someone would take the piss out of this man once in a while.

  8. Humans are capable of talking themselves out of anything, or talking themselves into anything.
    Your choice.
    But remember, you must be present to win..
    Personally, I chose to walk lightly on this planet earth as possible, I knew to do this as a young person, and here I am in my middle years and I still adhere to this mindset.
    I also stay out of other peoples business!
    If I catch myself in a gossipy mentality, I out myself in the moment.
    I take nothing for granted.
    I was grateful as a toddler, it just seems to come naturally, I am overwhelmed by the most simplest things I find magic where I can, and I expect “miracles” every single day!
    I know I’m not even assured my next breath, but I enjoy that knowing.

  9. If you don’t control your mind and life, someone or something else will. Hope fully not the corrections department.

    1. Keep that chin up! We’re going through the same shoes, but dont let that bring u down.. hit destiny backkk! 💯🔥

  10. Jordan has a way with words… Eloquence, I need to get your book. It would be much more beneficial to talk to you; I’ve been going through a situation in my life and I feel, I’m a very unique case, but I would benefit immensely from your perspective.

  11. ❤️ Jordan he’s right I was always in hospital as a child. You do have to keep moving forward thank you for sharing this is so true.

  12. When my father was dying from Cancer, I sang a song to him, thanked him for being my father, held his hand, kissed his forehead and than told him “You can go now. We’ll be okay.”

    He passed away that night.

    This was in 2012.

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