The TRUTH About What Make Men Attractive To Women – Jordan Peterson

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The TRUTH About What Make Men Attractive To Women – Jordan Peterson
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Speaker: Jordan Peterson



I'm a 24 year old video editor. I'm passionate about self-development and I created this channel with the mission and hope of motivating and helping anybody who is going through a difficult time.



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34 thoughts on “The TRUTH About What Make Men Attractive To Women – Jordan Peterson

    1. Although you said nothing but left three foolish looking emoji’s..
      so… ?
      What is first really mean to you?

  1. All the love for the people who fit into the established dominance hierarchies and no love for the people who establish the dominance hierarchies? That seems unbalanced and incorrect

    1. Dude, if you find the statement you just wrote as incorrect… you must check your logic skills. Just look at a school, at sports, at workplaces.

    2. @el_ rata I’m not saying he’s wrong in his observation, I’m saying women are wrong in where they put their attention. I haven’t made it my job to observe, but if they are doing that then they’re contributing to inequality and therefore the destabilization of society/civilization

  2. This🎆🎆 man has done more to change people’s lives than almost anyone else in the last decade. What do you think?  🎇🎇

  3. its thought that females of many bird species are less colorful because they need to go unnoticed while sitting on the nest.

  4. In one sentence he discusses random selection – evolution, and next sexual selection which is not random at all. Clearly selection is not random at all, neither is design, neither is symmetry and order…
    SERIOUSLY Dr. Peterson connect the dots. The facts point to a creator that allows it’s creation choice to believe or not to believe.

    1. Exactly like all the blades of grass and all the plants and animals have always seen to produce after thier kind it’s obvious what natural selections function is and we all know exactly what it does. It selects from a pool

  5. I lost fewer hope left after listening to him. All the traits of a male for female selection is worst in me.

  6. I’m I the only one always left in awe whenever this man speaks , his articulation and vocabulary is out of this world .

  7. I never cared too much what they were looking for or preferred but what I was looking for. I always looked for a real woman, with virtues and defects, and not a catalog woman, with expectations of a catalog woman. And I was not wrong. I have a great woman by my side, who has made me a better person as I have also contributed so that she can be more and better. It’s not that complicated, guys.

    1. You obviously had a lovely mommy and I lovely daddy, they were in a fine mood the night that they created you!
      Thank you

  8. Well my beloved Dr. I love listening to you however there is limit for example when you couldn’t sleep for so long. Reminds me of my doctor saying ( at the time I was 320 pounds) That I have enough fat to keep me alive for a year as long as I’m hydrated and salted so my parents will tell you at the age of 19 I gave up food for 40 days well I lost alot however when I started eating again not only did I get it back I got bigger. No one will ever belive me I know however it is documented. And I wasn’t in bed I was actually functioning as an MMA fighter working and doing various tasks however unless it was water or pickle for the salts No calories entered my body so ok how does that interact with my confidence at the time I felt like I was beyond human then the fall comes because it’s not a realistic solution you can carry on for ever.

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