The RICH don’t get RICH by mistake! How to Manifest Prosperity Quickly!

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19 thoughts on “The RICH don’t get RICH by mistake! How to Manifest Prosperity Quickly!

  1. Yes it is levels to prosperity and it takes preparation you have to be able to sustain your money… sustainable money🙌🏽

  2. The way that i love you know no bounds! You always improve my day and this was a really helpful video. Your energy is magnetic. KEEP SHINING!!! Thank you x

  3. Why do I feel like you’re talking directly to me 😂 When you said, “I’m excited for you!” -I’m like me too! I needed to hear this because I’ve been avoiding financial planning like the plague.

    2nd: the affirmation of today is what I needed. Thank you ❤️

  4. yes i love this topic omg!! I was just having a conversation with myself the other night about this. Realizing that i often fear stepping into my power, my greatness because it is a role full of responsibilities. and i realized that being grateful for those responsibilities shifts the perspective entirely!!

  5. Responsibility is also the super wealthy having a professional handling their money. So they can say anything and still have a stacked bank account.

  6. Responsibility is one of my core values. I did that intentionally when I noticed how myself and the women before me were avoidant, and how that really limited them… 💚 life is better when you take ownership 💌

  7. Oh how great I feel when I watch a video of yours! 😅 It’s always a pleasure and it’s amazing at how I automatically understand the energy and always feel high and good vibrations. Loved today’s topic and I totally agree with that, it’s the responsibility of being wealthy that makes my wealth frequency keep going forward. Thank you for always helping me channel with good energy. Love for you and everyone here in this family. Also! My heart is free from past hurt. I claim it! It already is and I’m always grateful ^^ 💖

  8. My heart is free from past hurt. I really appreciate this video. I am ready to take on the responsibility of being free, healthy, and wealthy. Thank you again Queen.

  9. Love the affirmation. I was just thinking about that yesterday. Always feel like I’m learning new ways to heal from hurt (emotional, mental, physical) Thanks for all you do in educating us. Love you 💯❤

  10. Sis, this message was right on time. I’ve been working for a while now on being a better steward of our resources. Becoming responsible with our money, among other things, has really been instrumental in my leveling up journey. Appreciate you so much laying these truths out for us.

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