The Real Reason They Are Not Into You | 3 of the Biggest Attraction Killers | Law of Attraction

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The Real Reason They Are Not Into You | 3 of the Biggest Attraction Killers | Law of Attraction
If you are being rejected by your specific person this might be the reason. Robert Zink reveals the three qualities that are keeping you from having the love your desire. These are big attraction killers. You may not even realize that this is the issue in your love life.

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21 thoughts on “The Real Reason They Are Not Into You | 3 of the Biggest Attraction Killers | Law of Attraction

  1. Well m very happy to have a guide and a teacher like you..ur not only helping us in removing our negativity but also motivate us to have faith in ourselves n make ourselves worthy enough..I have been watching ur video’s from a long time n I can say that ur word’s have deep meaning n those who can understand those,they will definitely get benefit from it thank you

  2. thank you for this video, i was worried i would lose the person i love, you have no idea how much this helped me and im so grateful for it!

  3. Thanks for your content. Your videos have helped me so much in understanding how to better manifest. I was feeling a little low just now and this video popped up right in time. Thank you Robert

  4. 1- Confidence
    2 – drive and focus
    3 – the ability to switch from peaceful to dangerous at any time
    4 – self-improving
    5 – don’t be an incel and think all woman are the same and have the same ideologies because with that mindset you become invisible to the good woman who aren’t like that and are high value and amazing and loving wifes

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