The ONLY WAY To Discover Your True Purpose & Build SELF-ESTEEM | Donald Miller & Lewis Howes

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Donald Miller is the CEO of Business Made Simple. He hosts the Business Made Simple podcast and is the author of several books, including the bestsellers Blue Like Jazz, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, and Building a StoryBrand. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Elizabeth, and their daughter, Emmeline.

Donald cycled across the country from LA to Delaware with ten friends in seven weeks, and it was while they were in Washington DC that he realized — once they finished and the journey was over, in two weeks, he’d be depressed. Donald read a pivotal book that would change all of that: Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl (a holocaust survivor). He read it on the flight home, and it screamed at him to get involved in another story.

Three weeks after arriving home, he started planning the next story and received a call to perform a prayer at the Democratic National Convention in 2008. Even though he’s a Republican, he agreed. Realizing Barack Obama had some significant fatherlessness legislation, including his Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative, Donald asked for more details, and they outlined the entire plan. That prompted him to ask if he could travel the country and share Obama’s presidential vision. Donald became a surrogate speaker, living out of his car and airports and visiting swing states. Not wanting to have an existential vacuum, Donald’s travels taught him a valuable lesson: If you don’t have a mission, find somebody with a mission, join them, and get involved.

Donald first wrote his eulogy ten years ago, clarifying his life’s direction and what to become. Ten years later, he learned what a human being could accomplish by completing his smaller visions like getting out of debt or losing 10 pounds and has used that understanding to create larger goals. One of his three visions is to help fix the government.

We have so much to talk about, so let’s jump straight in!


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26 thoughts on “The ONLY WAY To Discover Your True Purpose & Build SELF-ESTEEM | Donald Miller & Lewis Howes

  1. Self esteem comes from self discipline… if you do something enough times Ona. Regular basis, you’ll begin to trust yourself and become confident in your ability ❤️🙏🏽

  2. This year is one of the greatest in the midst of love peace joy happiness. Free will to chose LIFE and ABUNDACE! Keep it light and live life!

  3. Also I definitely disagree with his perspective on relationships and the way he contradicts himself… “you can’t control people; marry her and lock that down”– he also talked about not setting the expectation for how people treat you. You absolutely can. Healthy boundaries with mature people means people do NOT insult each other or yell. I’m not sure this guy has ever had a healthy relationship.

  4. Very inspiring and true. It is so important to practice and change our energy to become what we want to be, then it all falls into place naturally.

  5. “My entire happiness, well being, view of whether life is good or bad now depends on the well being of this child”.
    This guy needs to listen to Dr Joe Dispenza.

  6. Amazing episode! I have 4 adopted children that were abused , tortured , etc and always told them that they had a treasure of understanding suffering and being emphatic. And they are !!! 🙏🏻❤️‍🩹✨🌹

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