The MOST POWERFUL Motivation For Success (It’s Time To WIN BIG!) | Les Brown & Lewis Howes

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30 thoughts on “The MOST POWERFUL Motivation For Success (It’s Time To WIN BIG!) | Les Brown & Lewis Howes

  1. Omg – hearing the story at the drinking fountain hearts my heart 🥺😔 – the position that mother was placed in and that experience he had – thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your experience ❤️

  2. “There is greatness in you!” “You’ve got to be HUNGRY”
    Grateful for these conversations, and so very grateful for Lewis Howes and Les Brown!

  3. Great lesson for life. Thank you for sharing all your experiences and to tell us that is renewing our minds that we can make it. I want to become my best! Thank you Les and Lewis I really enjoy the program.

  4. I can’t stop crying when I heard the story of his mother, why she was clapping. So heartbreaking. 😭

  5. I saw Les live twice in the 90s. He’s Electric in front of a crowd. His Audible books are great. especially his live recordings. Thanks for Sharing.

  6. Seeing Les Brown at the stadium in Poland was an outstanding experience! ❤️ Thank you Lewis for this episode and your work! 🤗

  7. What an amazing, inspiring conversation! OMG! I loved every single word of this! THANK YOU!!!! 💝💝💝

  8. “If you don’t program yourself, life will program you.”

    I heard so many motivational speeches from Les Brown I’m almost programmed by him

  9. Thank you Lewis, I am in my 30s and tune into the phenomenal Les Brown daily xxx 💗 Incredibly high value high quality content. X Ps. I’ve been a highly satisfied subscriber of yours for the past few years, thank you for taking the courageous steps you took to bring your gift to the world too. X

  10. Awesome conversation.
    Les Brown is great!
    I appreciate you, Lewis.

    On a side note, has anybody every told you that you sound like Vince Vaughn?
    It’s true, you do!

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