The Law Of Giving & Receiving… (Very important) – Law Of Attraction

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And nevermind the takers…the Universal Laws contain perfect justice.

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23 thoughts on “The Law Of Giving & Receiving… (Very important) – Law Of Attraction

  1. We had a moving company move us about 3 years ago at the end of the move I tip each worker 1 ounce of gold the look on their face of disbelief and confusion was worth every penny! The key is giving an expecting nothing in return

  2. Give/Receive are the same so when we practice heart-brain coherence or similar gratitude practice we feel gratitude when we receive so we match the frequency of the ultimate giver..the universe…give to receive..receive to give….

  3. This is sooo true!! 💯 Ppl are always amazed by my blessings (even I am amazed). BUT I enjoy giving, I don’t believe in having a closed fist 👊.

    Love this. 🥰

  4. Thank you! 🙏🏽 I just realized who you were. You popped up in my feed just now and It’s a blessing to finally see the face to the voice that I’ve been consistently listening to for the past 2 years. I’m so Grateful for your affirmations. Thank you

  5. This is soo true !

    When you give , you vibrating with a frequency of abundance , ” cup runneth over”
    The universe simply circulate back to you multiplied

    ” Homeless people” I give five ten twenty. , Waiters waitresses etc I tip

    I just turn 51 haven’t had a job since I was 25
    Yet everything is paid for ,etc visited 17 European capitals

  6. Nothing is ever lost in the kingdom of God! Ever
    It’s simply misplaced and it is replaced multiplied
    The trick is feelings
    Give and keep a feeling off abundance and joy

  7. I’m an Uber driver and I give out complementary carnations, the flower to my passengers. I receive happiness and smiles. That’s good enough for me.

  8. Great video man, your content really helps people

    I do give specially to my family and friends with trutly joy and it really makes feel good, my souls is happy when I give with all my heart

    Keep it up bro

  9. Bro I’m so happy I found you I absolutely love your content , you are giving people the raw truths in life and changing lives I hope you become very big on the platforms much love brother ❤️

  10. Funny, I never thought about what may come back to me. I give because strangers have given to me and it changed my life. This reminds when I give with my heart I will never regret it!

  11. Amen giving is merely planting a seed… when a seed is planted there shall be a harvest. FEED my sheep…

  12. I like this guy a lot because he talks with so much conviction and passion. And explains clearly. 💕

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