The Key To Defying Aging & Surpassing Your Physical Peak

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Take a deep dive on Nov 6-7 2021 into the cutting-edge tools for transforming how you look and feel in our 'Body for Life' seminar. FREE for all Mindvalley Members 👉

How do you build a ‘Body for Life’?

Aging is inevitable, but what if your body could get stronger and your mind could get even sharper as you age? 💪

As Vishen explains in the video, all it takes is committing to set some non-negotiable setpoints with yourself to get BETTER as you age.

This is why we’re thrilled to introduce a brand NEW online seminar that will equip you with cutting-edge tools to help you gain mastery across the 4 key pillars of optimal wellness and add years to your life.

It’s taking place on 6 and 7 November 2021 and is free for all Mindvalley Members.

We’re bringing on the best speakers and industry experts on health and wellness to take a deep dive into today’s best tools for transforming how you look and feel, leveling up your fitness fast, and reversing aging at any age.

Ready to revolutionize your wellness and longevity?

Watch the full video to discover the benefits of attending the Body for Life seminar ☝️.

How The Body For Life Seminar Transforms You:

💪 Level Up Your Strength & Muscle Mass

You’ll learn hyper-efficient exercise protocols that engage your body’s adaptive response mechanism to transform your strength and muscle mass in just two 15-minute workouts a week. You no longer need to spend hours in the gym to gain a robust and durable body that gives you the freedom to do more, lift more, and endure anything life throws at you.

💪 Look Amazing, Clothed Or Naked

You’ll discover exactly how to eat and exercise to gain and sustain your best body: whether it’s a lean and athletic physique, a more muscular look, or anything in between. You’ll be amazed at just how a few simple shifts in your workouts and lifestyle can change how you look and feel. And all in just a few minutes a week.

💪 Turn Back The Clock On Ageing

You’ll learn scientific anti-aging techniques for upgrading all your biomarkers of aging: including your body composition, cardiovascular fitness, muscle mass, genetic expression, eyesight, hair, and even your skin elasticity. No matter your age now, you’ll be empowered to look and feel more youthful now than you did even years ago.

💪 Increase Your Longevity

You’ll gain a solid foundation for extraordinary mobility, strength, and overall wellness well into your golden years. You’ll know exactly what to do to retain your balance, carry your body weight, move around unencumbered, and enjoy a high quality of life for decades to come.

💪 Level Up Your Fitness

You’ll be guided on how to optimize all five aspects of your body’s fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, cardiovascular endurance, and mobility. In plain English, this means you can do more, get more done, tackle any challenge, and live life on your own terms without ever missing out or getting prematurely exhausted.

💪 Multiply Your Endurance

You’ll gain methods for enhancing your two types of endurance: cardiovascular and muscular. Cardiovascular endurance enables you to move and stay active longer, even in high-intensity activities like running or swimming. In comparison, muscular endurance allows you to lift heavier weights and put greater strain on your muscles while exercising or doing daily activities, with minimal fatigue.

💪 Transform Your Athletic Performance

You’ll get simple and efficient tools for enhancing your performance in any of your favorite sports and physical activities: like yoga, martial arts, tennis, swimming, and so on. As you’ll discover, you don’t need a particular talent or genetic disposition to excel in these hobbies. All you need is the knowledge to work with your body in unlocking its fullest ability.

Ready to revolutionize your wellness and longevity? Sign up now for the Body for Life seminar 👉



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