The KEY HABITS To Make More Money & TRANSFORM Your Life! | Anthony O’Neal & Lewis Howes

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A #1 national bestselling author, Anthony O’Neal has helped over 250,000 people set out on a path towards a debt-free life with his chart-topping book Debt-Free Degree. He’s reached over 15 million people in 15 different countries through his podcast “The Table” where he always keeps it real, relevant, and relatable.

Apart from teaching others how to obtain mental, spiritual and financial freedom, Anthony’s mission is to help singles maximize their single season with both intention and grace. When he’s not interviewing experts and thought-leaders on his popular Youtube channel, you can find Anthony golfing or on an adventure with his beautiful all-black German Shepherd, Rhaven.

If you’re ready to overcome any fears or anxiety you have about money, learn how to know if you and your partner are a match when it comes to finances, and more, then I know you’ll gain a lot of value from this episode. And now, without further ado, let’s jump into Episode 1,222 of The School of Greatness!


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29 thoughts on “The KEY HABITS To Make More Money & TRANSFORM Your Life! | Anthony O’Neal & Lewis Howes

  1. I love that Anthony addresses the topic of wealth creation as something that starts by addressing the core of who you are. Anything that’s going to stand the test of time and bring you fulfilment has to start from addressing who you are at your core

  2. Tomorrow 2/22/22 me and my husband will be completely out of debt! We are called to take care of children we own/operate childcare center 27yrs in business my husband quit his job 2yrs ago to help me and the Lord has blessed our business. We are on our mid 50’s

    1. Gosh your story is inspiring. I’m trying to decide if I’m brave enough to open my own bookkeeping business. Part of my hesitation is that I’m 56. Congrats and thanks

    2. I learned years ago if you honor God in your finances, putting him first, he gives you what you need to live!

  3. Thanks thank you so much. for what you are doing to helps others in life 🙂🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️👣👣👣👣👣👣👍👍

  4. In regards to who we are dating, this is crucial information I, myself, could have used years ago. It wasn’t until the end of a relationship that I could be more objective and see that where a man is financially and not how much he makes but what he’s doing with it, is super important to a couple’s future. And what he’s feeding his mind with, extreemly important. Not 24/7. An occasional Netflix binge is fine if everything else is in order for the building of a foundation .

  5. Wow! Loved this episode, it’s super cool seeing AO at the other side of the table. Great Questions! Tons of blessings to all! From Puerto Rico

  6. Anthony’s willingness to be so transparent is the what separates him from the crowd. I admire this guy on another level. Much respect AO💪🏾

  7. I have written 6 books, in the middle of my 7th all for my grandchildren and generations to come to help them leapfrog forward even more than I’ve gone. I followed Dave’s principles, debt free and am also building wealth. That’s my why!

  8. Great stuff Lewis! Enjoying the wisdom from these conversations. Especially Anthony’s words on marriage, having a vision and “I’m not ready.”

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