The common goal-setting mistake you might be making

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The 3 most important questions is a 4-day quest by Vishen that will guide you in 20 minutes a day to crop the vision for your life. It is available with Mindvalley membership. Visit this link to get started 👉

In this video, ( taken from Vishen's 3 Most Important Questions Quest on Mindvalley) you'll come to understand a subtle but powerful difference between two types of goals: means goals and end goals.

Means goals often conform to brules (bullsh*t rules society, culture, or upbringing forced on us) and won't necessarily lead to fulfillment and happiness.

End goals, on the other hand, prompt us to follow our hearts, intuition, and feelings. But most people don't know what their end goals actually are.

Fortunately, Vishen's 5 Day Quest, The 3 Most Important Questions, is designed to bring your end goals clearly and vividly into sight.

And give you the unshakable passion, vision, and momentum to make those goals happen.

That's why asking yourself the 3 Most Important Questions may just launch you towards a life you only previously dreamt about.

And why thousands of companies around the world adopt this system to help their employees get crystal clear on their personal goals.

Head to if you're ready to do the same.

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