The best dating advice no one ever told you

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The best dating advice no one ever told you

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In this video, I break down what to do to attract the perfect person. A lot of people want relationships, and they're working on dating. But the problem is that if you don't do the inner work, it is difficult to use dating apps successfully, or to attract your soul mate in general. A lot of people want to manifest a specific person or attract a relationship, but they cannot make it work for one reason or another. So in this video I break down the best dating advice no one ever told you.


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24 thoughts on “The best dating advice no one ever told you

  1. Jake, you are the most complete man in the world 😇❤️👌 Needy is creepy 😇

  2. These are great tips for business as well certainly works with all relationships in life as well as our relationship to what we charge for our services and products. Bottom line know your value and find the value within yourself before you try to get it from anyone else. Great video Jake God bless you brother! 💗👏

  3. Watch Aaron Doughty’s videos. He says the best way to attract is by being in your own frame. Same thing you’re saying here.

    1. @G M Yeah I prefer jake to Aaron Doherty. There’s nothing wrong with hi. At all he seems nice it’s just personal preference

  4. Well not going on any dating apps any time soon but needy is creepy indeed and basically there is but 1 person you need to fall in love with in order to experience true love with another and that is yourself as the relationship is just a mirror image of how open your heart truly is.

  5. Jake you are Beyond Amazing!, thank you for all the Awesome videos you make for us! Have a Blessed day today! 🙏😊

  6. Imagine Mr Ducey, being employed and at the work place your female boss, who you have no interest in, uses these same “Wishful Thinking” manifestation tactics on you, while your co-workers literally terrorize you into dating her, while you feel NOTHING for her, but they are CHRISTIANS and feel you need to be married. While this is going on she continues to MANIFEST you, and harassed you to the point of terrorizing you. Well sir this happened to me, the most positive person (or use to be till this happened). to the point where you literally had to file an Equal Opportunity complaint and leave your job as a result. Be careful what you wish for because manifesting others DOES NOT WORK. Equal opportunity did prove they harassed me based on retaliation. Manifesting can cause others to have false beliefs especially CHRISTIANS, who will terrorize you, if they don’t get what they want. Sorry Mr Ducey for my negative attitude, caused by others irresponsible behavior in manifestation.

  7. In order to attract the love that you desire, you must take care of yourself first. When you love yourself, accept yourself and put yourself first, everything falls into place. The one thing that blocks you from manifesting a healthy relationship is when you put everyone else before you.
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  8. hardest part of loving is giving yourself permission to love yourself first.. to welcome a love partner to you.. we are told over & over again.. dont you think youre special.. like saying you are good at something is wrong.. dont praise yourself.. dont have adoration for yourself.. so many limitations.. not this age that one.. must be this age to be with that one.. not this person that one.. no wonder I am happy being solo.. yet ready to accept someone.. who matches my rhythm in life,, meets my soul.. understands my free spirit.. or nothing at all

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