The Anunnaki and Their Obsession With Gold Inherited by Humans

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The Anunnaki were not gods but visitors who came to earth from the planet Nibiru some 445,000 years ago. They were not on vacation; they came to earth with a very specific purpose – to hunt for gold. They first touched down in the Persian Gulf, led by half-brothers Enki and Enlil, where, over many years, they drained the marshes of the northern coast and created a vast irrigation system between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, founding a flourishing Anunnaki colony. During this time, they attempted to obtain the gold they had come for from under the waters of the Persian Gulf. But when this proved far too difficult, they were forced to up and move the entire operation to a place they knew was a gold hotspot – South Africa.

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39 thoughts on “The Anunnaki and Their Obsession With Gold Inherited by Humans

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    1. absolute brilliant Analysis again… I was actually very sad when I saw that it only was 16 minutes long 😀

    1. @Jay F She did use a robot voice in her original videos, but then started using her own voice, which sounds great!

  2. Considering how much of an uproar for chaos it would cause in the world today, we are not being told the absolute truth of how we came here or what really happened in our past and who really made us and how we were created. There are certain people and groups of people who know the truth and will not tell us for one reason or another. We have been told since we were little and before that knowledge is power!! That means who knows the truth has the power over the one that doesn’t. Think about that!!

  3. The Anunnaki powdered their skin with gold dust too. Curiously there are cosmetic products with gold dust that claim to prevent aging by slowing collagen depletion and increasing blood circulation. This is probably why the Egyptian hieroglyphs and funerary masks were inlaid with gold when depicting godly beings.

    I think it was Michael Tellinger or Zacahariah Sitchin who talked about how they synthesized gold into a white powder. It was the white powder form of gold that was the most valuable. Something to look back into!

    1. @Chelsea Johnston it’s Gold in monoatomic form and has like other nano materials very distinct properties

    2. I read something the Egyptians metallurgist,s would cook “spin” the gold,a white dust came from it,they’d make cakes with it,they believed it gave them long lifes… someone else I read if one makes a small pyramid hanging gold in the centre,the gold sweats.

  4. Pretty good overall, but “the creators” used gold to patch up cenote sinkholes in the exterior shell of the concave earth floating in the akashic still waters of the great deep. We have to shed the dogmatic lientist view that we live on the outside of a ball once and for all.

  5. If the Annunaki were so advanced why didn’t they make highly efficient robots to mine the gold instead of humans? It’s counterintuitive because humans are harder to control than robots unless the Annunaki were having trouble reproducing themselves so maybe they actually wanted to live on through humans, encoding some of their genetics into our DNA so their genetic code doesn’t go extinct, maybe the Annunaki have sort of reincarnated themselves as humans?

  6. there are people left from that civilization living in Iraq and Syria and some in Iran. we still speak the ancient language
    I’m one of them and I tell you that we are still obsessed with gold and now I know the reason .
    and there are many cultural rituals points to this theory.

  7. This is very similar to the conclusions I came to when researching these topics roughly ten years ago. One thing I think you missed about gold, though I may have just missed it in the video, is that gold isn’t terrestrial.

    Gold does not occur naturally on Earth.

    Something hit Earth billions of years ago that created the moon and the asteroid belt. Scientists say that don’t know what, but the Sumerians say it was Niburu, according to Sitchin. Also, the book of Revelations says that the streets of heaven were gold. These things among others led me to believe that it’s very much the case that “Niburu” collided with “Tiamat,” creating Earth, the moon and the asteroid belt, leaving some of its gold that would mostly have since been retrieved.

    1. @Wise Up With Risey Sorry, I was going by the scientifically proven fact that the moon is made of stuff from Earth. I didn’t mean to interrupt your theory.

    2. @TwelveStep it’s fun to act smart , but the ” fact” is that the moon is hollow and” reverberates like a bell” *.
      *( look it up )
      The ” fact” is that the moon is the exact ( exact !) Same size as the sun regardless of where the moon and the sun lie at any given time .
      I mean , you can argue your point with ( logic ) and bit and pieces of information as your clearly not fully educated on the subject ( yes , the moon is made up of the same materials as the earth) but thats not what the man was talking about now was it ?
      Of course… you just watched a video about how an alien civilization created mankind and your comments said absolutely nothing about that , but the moon being artificial rubs you wrong??? mabey they sucked at parking and hit the earth , idk ……
      But I do know that people who stood on the moon ( I highly doubt that you have) said that it rang like a bell for hours afterwards .

  8. According to Kimberly Goguen, Marduk finally died in August 2016 and took the human form of “Sun Tzu” (The Art of War). When angered, we would often transform for into a white dragon c/w wings and tail.

  9. Yes we are slaves literally but most importantly spiritually and mentally
    But we don’t have to be once we realize the truth and figure out who the real “enemies” are. Need to put all these historical truths together and it’s like a code that’s hard to crack

  10. You wouldn’t think it would take thousands and thousands of years for gold mining, especially for an advanced civilization. It seems a little awkward to genetically create humans for this task and then still take forever and a day to mine gold. Since there’s gold left on earth, so this entire process seems laboriously slow.

    1. They mined the gold continuously for thousands of years because they needed(and probably still need)a very large amount of monoatomic gold to repair the atmosphere of their home planet Nibiru.This planet orbits our sun on a long elliptical orbit and only enters our solar system every 3600 years.Another factor to consider is even though some of the things the Annunaki are said to have done may not make sense to us to them in their situation on earth(a very different earth in many ways than we live on today)under those specific circumstances ,what they did may have made the most sense to them at the time.

    2. Time dilation may be a factor, 250,000 years on earth could equate to a week or two on Nibiru

  11. Super interesting. You always add something to my consciousness even if it’s something I know a lot about. Will you do an episode on the dragonfly drone things that Linda Multon Howe first reported on. That’d be awesome.

  12. I believe that more likely there was or were advanced human civilizations that were destroyed and a few individuals brought what wisdom they could to lesser hunter gatherer type tribes and their cultures are what we see remnants of today.

  13. How fascinating these stories are. Qhy don’t we interject that Enki created the first humans which were melonated, as in black and they were his chosen.
    Black female could procreate without males [check science for facts] then the male was introduced as the climate in earth and other conditions changed.
    Yeah, this is also in the text.
    So much is being hidden sort of like how this could connects with the Hebrew Bible.
    I don’t want to hear this came first and the Bible last because there is an original text that predates the Roman lie.

  14. Literally no explanation ever comes close to explain our absurd obsession with gold than this.

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