The 7 Principles To Live By For A Good, Meaningful LIFE – Jordan Peterson Motivation

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The 7 Principles To Live By For A Good, Meaningful LIFE – Jordan Peterson Motivation
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Speaker: Jordan Peterson



I'm a 24 year old video editor. I'm passionate about self-development and I created this channel with the mission and hope of motivating and helping anybody who is going through a difficult time.



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25 thoughts on “The 7 Principles To Live By For A Good, Meaningful LIFE – Jordan Peterson Motivation

  1. The hardest thing a small YouTuber can feel is when you wake up in the morning and nothing has changed on your channel, so plz i need your support very badly 🙏🙏🙈🗣️🙏

    1. I just subscribed. It was smart of you to post on this channel to raise awareness of your content. Your channel looks great. Just keep getting your name out on any platforms you can. Best of luck.

  2. Well …I practice intermittent fasting, I don’t live with my parents, I decided not to have children, I work as an independent and I wake up a different time over the days….and I’m very happy with my life…much more than many people I know

    1. @Sandra Molano I know many that have done that and then they got old. They don’t have anyone and are pretty lonely now. People don’t think about getting old

    2. Never know until you put into practice his suggestions. Intermittent fasting is an awesome practice and I’m pretty sure Jordan Peterson would agree. He’s done some interesting things with his diet over the years. I also don’t think he saying everyone needs children but IMO there are a lot of things in life that are learned only in experiencing the joys, heartaches and love in having them. I have sleep issues so I WISH I could wake up at the same time every day but it just doesn’t happen. Maybe if I were more disciplined in my schedule overall I would see some positive results.

    3. I’m glade your so unique an outside the box an can be happy with whatever it is U have but some of us aren’t that lucky an seems like you have friends an significant others an a job to hold you over still operating on 3 or 4 of the 6 he’s also saying don’t starved yourself not that fasting is bad also didn’t say u have to have a baby these are just some ideas to try an help other people not that there law… an I know bums that are happy with there tent an a 1$cheeseburger happiness is a perspective an momentary but having an finding meaning in your life is different then happiness an what he’s proposing isn’t for being happy its about being responsible an working on yourself trying to find meaning so you can get to a place of stability an happiness

  3. First of all I thing you musn’t lie to yourself .Look at yourself as if you see an sranger .What do you think about this “stranger”?

  4. Here are my 5 extra tips to INCREASE your daily manifestations that I’ve learned over the years..👇🏾
    1. Meditate for five minutes a day. During this time focus on how you want your life to be; but place your focus on how you feel AND feel that feeling as if you have already accomplished those goals.
    2. Step outside of your comfort zone. Stop playing it safe and make that decision to finally go for your dreams.
    3. Focus on activities that make you feel truly happy. When you are truly happy you have the best vibrational frequency to manifest your desires.
    4. Avoid the naysayers and surround yourself with people who only lift you higher. Downers will be downers, don’t let them drag you into their misery.
    5. Don’t be afraid to dream and know that you are always supported by the universe.

    Hope this helps!

    – Your Friendly Neighborhood Coach ❤

  5. Lying is a treacherous thing to do. As a tool I use it only to prevent something worse from happening and as such is a dangerous thing to do.
    But, I think the worst thing you can do is lie to yourself.

  6. I LOVE Dr Peterson…. but he acts as the Democrats don’t encourage responsibility. They encourage self-responsibility and responsibility for others. Responsibility isn’t conservative or liberal; I wish Dr Peterson would understand that

  7. Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

  8. If you found the courage to change even 1 thing in your life, every second will have been worth the fight 🖖

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