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Are you always in a rush? Do you talk fast, walk fast, rush through tasks and daily errands and are chronically in a hurry? If you have a sense of urgency when there’s no need, it’s time to step back and slow down.

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When you’re always rushing and treating everything like it’s an emergency when it’s not, that activates your limbic system.

You signal to your brain that you are not safe, so it releases stress hormones. But your brain knows it can calm down when you take a deep breath and go through the day with patience, mindfulness, and ease. When the amygdala shuts down, you are finally able to get out of the fight or flight mode.

You can start small, choose one activity you have sped up (like washing dishes or making coffee), and purposely do it slower.

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Affirmations ("you" and "I" statements):

I am practicing mindfulness in my daily life
Every day, I make it a habit to take deep breathes and focus my attention on the here and now
I am present for my life, right here, right now
I cultivate awareness and notice when I start to rush
When I notice I’m in a rush, I bring awareness to my body, sensations, and emotions
I am mindful while doing my daily tasks
I am patient and at ease when performing daily, simple tasks
When performing simple tasks, I direct my awareness to my breath
I know which tasks are time-sensitive and the tasks that I can relax while performing
I enter into the activities I do with attention and presence
As I am relaxed when doing my daily activities, I experience deep peace
I adopt a slower living lifestyle
I find fulfillment even when I live a slower lifestyle
As I learn the value of slowing down, I gain more inner strength
I focus on the present moment, one task at a time
I practice self-care
I prioritize my self-care routine and make it a habit to do it regularly
I manage my time wisely and effectively and prioritize the necessary tasks
I go to sleep earlier in the night, so I can get plenty of rest
I wake up earlier in the morning and devote myself to self-care
Waking up early in the morning enables me to tackle my chores with more ease
I steadily get my tasks done
I get organized so I can manage my time more wisely
I enjoy being organized as I know it sets me up for success
I know when to delegate tasks to others
I feel comfortable asking for help from others

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