STOP POINTING FINGERS! Focus On Becoming A Stronger Person – Jordan Peterson Motivation

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STOP POINTING FINGERS! Focus On Becoming A Stronger Person – Jordan Peterson Motivation
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Speaker: Jordan Peterson

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I'm a 24 year old video editor. I'm passionate about self-development and I created this channel with the mission and hope of motivating and helping anybody who is going through a difficult time.



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28 thoughts on “STOP POINTING FINGERS! Focus On Becoming A Stronger Person – Jordan Peterson Motivation

  1. “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam in thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote from thy brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5. There is great wisdom in the Bible, which is why it has been central to billions of people for over two thousand years. Dr. Peterson’s Bible series on YouTube is wonderful. Such deep psychological insights.

    1. @duii You can more than you think or imagine you can. Have faith and go believing you can and then work as hard as you possibly can to learn it and English will come to you. It will. Start now!

    2. @ontyam But I have no use for Japanese right now. Why would I spend time learning it? Sure, if I had a reason to, I would.

  2. Either give me 1 million dollars or leave me alone, still you have to give me million dollars.

  3. I mean anyone can look away from bloodshed if it keeps them from from meeting the same fate

  4. I think the problem is that everyone should just embrace who they are and let there be chaos I would certainly like it that way

    1. It’s certainly easier and a lot more fun who needs to worry about race gender or any other trivial problems when your one goal is to survive the Apocalypse

    2. @Zaden Craft lol you don’t think tribalism would run rampant? Making all the things you’ve stated everyone’s reality 100% of the time lol

    3. That’s the life cycle of civilization societies rise and fall they’ll be the chaos and then civilization will restart we seen this with every civilization that’s that’s come before us there was a rough upbringing then prosperity and then the downfall of the civilization

  5. I’m from China. I totally agree with what professor Jorden said. But in China, we been told mao is the best man ever in all time. The real situation is like this in China. Sometimes knowing the truth can make a person change it, rather than escape in order to prevent a person from losing hope of life. I think the professor just wanted to tell people the truth. However, the world’s population does need to be controlled, and this is also a policy of China.

  6. *Everyone who reads this, we don’t know each other and probably never will but I wish you all the best in life and all the luck in the world*  🗣️🗣️👈

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