“STOP DRESSING LIKE A 10 YEAR OLD!” (the power of dressing well) – Jordan Peterson Motivation

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"STOP DRESSING LIKE A 10 YEAR OLD!" (the power of dressing well) – Jordan Peterson Motivation
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Speaker: Jordan Peterson




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28 thoughts on ““STOP DRESSING LIKE A 10 YEAR OLD!” (the power of dressing well) – Jordan Peterson Motivation

  1. There’s a personality trait known as agreeableness. Agreeable people are compassionate and polite. And agreeable people get paid less than disagreeable people for the same job. Women are more agreeable than men. – Jordan Peterson

    1. I thought the same thing a few months ago, and I felt guilty on spending so much money on new clothes that were definitely a diversion from my then-style, but it really has turned out to be worth it. It’s almost a catalyst for becoming who you want to be and what those clothes represent. People have noticed and have been very complimentary of my new style which feels awesome! Find a style you want to aspire to and go for it, ESPECIALLY if it makes you a little uncomfortable at first.

  2. I have nice dress clothes. And when appropriate I wear them. But, when you have no place to go, and nobody to impress with good looks, what does one do? Two years now, and I have not put on a dress shirt and tie since before Covid. But Jordan is correct in his advice to us men. Wishing one day to return to some normal social interactions. Suits go nowhere when you have nowhere to wear them to.

    1. I havent stopped dressing appropriately. I have to look at myself in the mirror and when lm not dressed properly it makes me feel horrible about myself. Im not going to let something beyond my control affect how l would normally live in my home and my personal appearance. Throughtout these lockdowns l havent once just lay around in my pjs, l got dressed.

    2. @Lee-Anne Barrett Hello, Yes I agree. I have done the same thing, I clean up and dress, albeit not in a suit, but I dress appropriately at home, even if there is really no place to go and no gatherings to attend for so long.

  3. I spend 99% of my time either cleaning, fixing things or painting. A suit would be counterproductive for me day-to-day. I’m fairly content with my black t-shirt, black Ben Davis, and a pair of Van’s. That said I think JP looks sharp as can be and I commend that.

  4. I stand taller and with more confidence while wearing a suit. I actually feel more comfortable in a suit than in a pair of sweats.

  5. It has to do with job career choice , so comfortability and wearability is the main goal. Not standing out as well and self expression play a part no doubt

  6. If you dress well you feel good! Shoulders back, head high, and nice clothing. A recipie for success!
    I have daughters. They wear uniforms to school, but I make sure that they have nice clothing out of school, too. Good, clean shoes, clothing that fits them properly and is comfortable. It gives them a sense of confidence to be able to present themselves well. They dress themselves, of course, but we provide the clothing. 😉👸

  7. It’s nice to dress with style as a woman. I make my own hats scarfs and gloves so like to be original. I think men let them selves go a bit as they get older. Encourage them to look and feel good 🙂

  8. There are MANY reasons to dress at least _reasonably_ well. As Dr. Peterson’s father said, it’s an expression of respect for other people — it suggests that you care (at least a little) about what they think. Plus, people respond better to someone who’s groomed & well-dressed than to someone who’s slovenly — you will benefit from this. I also find that if I get up, shower, and put on even a pair of khaki pants & a collared shirt, it tends to make me feel better, more motivated, and more prepared to do something meaningful than if I stay in sweats. There are other reasons to dress well too (hint; women.)

  9. I agree with him about the dressing, l see it everywhere in Australia, its not just the men. Women are dressing like their teenage daughters or grand daughters and its horrible to look at. Dresses way to short that may have been great when they were in their twenties but horrible now in their 50 to70s , cellulite showing above the knees , buggy skin, baggy knee skin, shorts that are to short.

  10. This country needs more wise men! With a president of this high quality this country could rise to the highest standards and be strong and admirable like it once was!

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