State Of Consciousness Is Everything

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A simple fundamental principle that explains all of reality and spirituality. Changing your state of consciousness will change your life.

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37 thoughts on “State Of Consciousness Is Everything

  1. That’s why it’s best to smile at problems, sickness, disease, worries, fears, aging and even death. It’s important that we don’t let our wrong perceptions fool ourselves.

    1. There’s no such thing as a wrong perception 🙂 Wrong interpretation? Possibly, but this is still very relative

    2. @Spiritual Psychotherapy Services are you sure you are not mentioning ‘it is a demonstrable scientific fact’ just so no one would question what you are saying?

    3. @Brandon Rohe you are right. A perception is neither good or bad or right or wrong. It’s only the mind that labels it so

  2. 👍💯
    Class is in session, rather learn this, watch Leo than wasting my youth away in going to school that we learn things that we don’t even use in adult life like 95% of the useless things we learned from school.

    1. @Nothankyooo well the body might be imaginary but it still participate in the relative

    2. School is actually a process of spiritual growth (partly trough suffering) but you are not aware of it (because of your ego and society’s stigma for school)

    3. @Isak Zvegelj No, school is not a spiritual growth, trust me, if it were….well, no need to to explain it because it is self explanatory. But yeah, school doesn’t provide much, pros and cons of it but not effective, because if it was effective of school, then why is it that it is only temporarily and doesn’t prepare for us humans in the real world of adult hood?, because it did help us in our lives after graduation…then why is it that when people graduate highschool, reality check hits them like a ballistic missile?, because of reality, because of reality has been revealed and he or she has a choice to face it and adapt for betterment or to accept defeat and be lost and become worse than they were before to just settle for less than more in life. Because if school really did help us, why is it that so many people that work at a normal day job(s), or people in general either stranger’s, etc., are not good people enough as in sane?, because of this, this is proof of immaturity, some people have not yet grown as in maturity but still act in highschool egotistical manner such as toxicity of work environment which is high school crap of favoritism, trying so hard to be cool and fit in, etc.
      Traditional School is not a spiritual growth in absolute…it is unrealistic, false happiness, false promises, false of many things that are too many to list them all.

  3. The possibility for the contents of consciousness, except for the experience of consciousness itself, i.e. structure for receiving, storing, processing and sending information about the world and the relations to it in the form of the self, can be explained or made probable by science. Consciousness itself seems a strange place to look for a cause to all that structure since the only information it provides is that it exists. Information processing and storage needs structure, otherwise there would be no information. To start to explain the universe as caused by consciousness is to truly begin backwards. The god experience that may be caused by psychedelics for instance, is what can happen when consciousness by disruption of the memory retrieval functions of the default mode network is stripped from the worldly ties that normally define the self, regardless of and with respect for how therapeutic such experiences can be due to the loosening and redefining of those very ties. While it is true that science can never prove that consciousness itself is caused by the physical world, since science can explain so much else in the world with astonishing perfection it seems reasonable to look for a worldly mechanism by which consciousness may arise. I believe that such a mechanism is to be found in information processing systems with sensory inputs, motor functions and a wiring capabilty to simultaneously send and receive information within the system in a self-referential loop. We exist not by ourselves but in relation to the world and to each other. That consciousness would be more fundamental than the outer world I find as unlikely as that the earth would be the center of the universe. I wouldn’t prefer to live in a universe where consciousness is all that there is or where our individual minds are just the products of a god with multiple personality disorder. The lights of our individuality and diversity against the shadows of mortality make beauty and meaning as possible as despair.

  4. One tricky distinction is between mind and consciousness. I simplify it by defining consciousness as an on/off state of being aware as a self. And mind can be defined as the foundation of reality, including the content in consciousness, and that can be different levels of experience. Leo’s explanation of figments of consciousness I think is brilliant with the hierarchy of figments. And with my definition, mind can be seen as the totality of figments of consciousness. For example a molecule is a figment of consciousness made of atoms which are other figments of consciousness (also notice that the molecule is its own figment of consciousness which cannot be reduced to just atoms, so it’s not like a material hierarchy). It’s all mind structured as figments of consciousness which are all the ‘stuff’ there is in reality! Why do I need to call it mind instead of consciousness? Because I see consciousness as being off in deep dreamless sleep and on in the waking and dream states etc. Mind is always ‘on’ so to speak in my definition. Edit: A better term is perhaps what Leo used from 1:15:20 and to call it Mind (with capital M) to mean the totality of reality and mind to mean the individual mind.

  5. ever since i was a kid. I always wondered how we could move in space… I imagined that time was split up into slices. as we went from slice to slice we go through time and space.. But i think this makes more sense.. because this means anything we experience is like a slight change in all the states we experience like temp or pressure or emotion or space or magnetism and many other things we perceive.. anything we perceive is just a fluctuation/ changes in our state… to us it looks like things move and change and it even looks like we are moving or changing..

  6. “Eternity exists, and all things in eternity, independent or creation; which was an act of mercy.

    By this, you see that I do not consider either the just nor the wicked to be in a SUPREME STATE, but to be every state into which the soul may fall, in it’s deadly dreams of good and evil; when it leaves paradise following the serpent”

    -William Blake

  7. Very interesting. I have had some of those moments and it’s impossible to forget them. As when I understood that the “nothing” was the “all” due to the lack of limits. Thanks.

    1. @Jerome Mayer Secondeded… I feel I’ve experienced something similar in that I felt my room and my “insides” were one and the same.

  8. “The Tree of Eternity has its roots above
    And its branches on earth below.
    Its pure root is Brahman the immortal, (Consciousness)
    From whom all the worlds draw their life,
    And whom none can transcend.
    For this Self is supreme!”

    ~ Katha Upanishad [3.1]

  9. We are told: ‘You are sons of the Most High, all of you.” (Not just a few, but all of us). “Nevertheless, you will die like men and fall”…..into infinite states of consciousness, for states are that into which the sons of the Most High fall. A state is an attitude of mind, a state of experience with a body of beliefs which you live by. Always expressing a state, you identify yourself with it by saying: “I am poor or I am rich. I am known or I am unknown. I am wanted or I am unwanted.” I could go on indefinitely, because there are infinite states into which an individual son of the Most High may fall.

    When you find yourself in a state or see a seeming other in a state, do not condemn or praise it, for all states exist and no state is greater than another. Every state is an attitude, a state of experience with a body of beliefs that an individual son of the Most High occupies. And if that an individual son of the Most High, then are we not brothers of the Highest Unity? And are we not also members of the ultimate body who is God the Father? So the states into which we fall cannot mar or in any way deter our immortal self who fell. – Neville

  10. Congratulations Leo. 🌟 Consciousness revelations occur naturally as you reach for deeper Truths and relax into new energies. This process is eternal as the universe expands and creates new frequencies to welcome , master and learn how to use. Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey in an honest, responsible manner, showing the way with dedication and commitment. The journey does not get easier but it does become more meaningful and enlightened with more spiritual gifts, plus increasing grace, peace and love. Understanding Consciousness with all it’s promises is exhilarating and preparatory for your next ✨️ unending universal experience. GO LEO. Thank you for sharing and teaching others how to access the keys to the kingdom. You are an inspirational wayshower. I hope many will follow your example. (I am 84 and using Consciousness to create my next physical life.) I enjoy your videos. Please keep them coming.

  11. All I needed was mild tripping and Leo to get pretty damn far, but I am talking years of mild tripping and absorbing, I am not fully enlightened but the sheer amount of videos available on this channel is the closest thing to directly transmitting the real truth… You must dive in and do the tough work yourself but having this channel as a guide is a game changer for the planet, the value here is immense. I have even dared to open my own online store thanks to Leo. I was always the shy artist sitting in the back, the loser playing videos games. I know I am not the only one that Leo has transformed. This channel is a Godsend.

  12. I really appreciate this episode, Leo, although I’m only 18 minutes through. What you are describing as figments of consciousness I have been referring to as ‘energetic signatures’, each of which has its own distinct way of is-ness, although they are all made out of the same thing. No one would ever get me, and now I feel as if someone has.

  13. Leo is absolutely right about having to lose your sanity in order to grasp what consciousness really is. I used to be an atheist and materialist until I had my first manic episode. These videos would make no sense to me if I hadn’t had that episode and the ones that followed.

  14. 26:20 this is so profound to me! It seems like reality is the exact opposite and reverse of what we’ve been told. Like how we were told consciousness comes from matter, not the other way. And how we were told it’s built from the ground up, not the top down. It’s nuts! We’ve been believing the complete opposite of what’s actually true our whole lives! Amazing. Thank you Leo for this video and your profound insights. Looking forward to more 💫

  15. 1:06:00 This topic about the connection between sanity and “realization of the true nature of reality” is so IMPORTANT. And it really became so obvious to me, when I started practicing and actually trying to FEEL, SEE and EXPERIENCE the true nature of reality by myself (not just believing “enlightened” gurus). That made me insane.
    Really to the point where i am not able to function as normal person. Everything gets deconstructed automatically now, and it’s hard to “fall asleep” back to normal reality. Experience just flows, reality constantly changes. Thoughts, feelings, sounds, events, it’s a constant soup, and no one to relate it to.

    There is literary NOWHERE to ground the experience.

    It’s really such thin line between complete insanity and trying to pretend to be normal, in order to function here. The mind plays tricks, and often don’t even understands whats going on.

    But the mind NEVER understood it in the beginning. It only imagined so…

    I basically had to take sick leave from work (even though i work remotely), I have to learn how to live with this state of consciousness. But every day is new, every experience is new. It freaks the mind SO much.
    It’s more authentic, more RAW, more connected. It’s certainly more ALIVE, than the unconscious living. Sleeping in the illusion of “real” reality.
    ❗But the price for “seeing the true nature of reality” is SO FREAKING HIGH.

    And now i have stopped the practice (for the time being), because I learned to appreciate the STABILITY of this realm, of what IS.
    Most of the people have no freaking idea, how scary and unsettling it is for the mind to see reality fall apart – without psychedelics (after the trip you return to normal, but if it happens without the substances… you have nowhere to come back).
    In this lofty , familiar, stable reality – you have parents to love, siblings, fresh air, hugs, animals, travel, life purpose, achievements and so on, there is so many beautiful experiences… This IS a very beautiful dream.
    So i decided not to fully destroy it for myself (for now 😄).

    P.S. I don’t understand why “mainstream enlightened gurus” don’t speak about it. Not everyone can handle that level of understanding. And they make it sound so easy and lofty…

    Thank you for the video, Leo.🤗

    1. Nice. I think we have to give ourselves time to integrate higher levels and learn how to deal with them eventually. We do need our masks.

  16. It’s working out as it was all designed in a way, infinite love for life equals happier lifestyle. Living my ultimate truth to the max! 🙏🙌 thanks Leo it’s been a long 12+ year journey on & off, but now I’m really living my true state of being passionately & always staying aware of all forms of energy as much as possible!

  17. Most insightful video yet and came at a perfect time. This aligns with a lot of the Vedanta teachers and sages who have changed my whole perspective on reality.

  18. Leo, this is by far the best video you’ve made. Extremely lucid. Very well explained. Can’t wait to see it in the textbooks for posterity

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