Sleep Meditation Fall Asleep in Minutes, Deep Sleep Hypnosis Story with Calm Ocean Waves

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Welcome to this guided sleep meditation to fall asleep in minutes. This sleep talk down includes a powerful, deep sleep hypnosis story with the calm sounds of rolling ocean waves, to help you to completely relax each bedtime into your total serenity of a long lasting, easy sleep.

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This sleep meditation combines guided sleep hypnosis imagery and metaphor, with spoken suggestions to encourage powerful relaxation from the incredible resources of your subconscious mind, for your complete deep sleep meditation experience.

In this sleep session you will hear aspects of self hypnosis, guided meditation, mind and body relaxation, and guided visualization for your rapid sleep of replenishing, healing rest — to allow a tranquil sense of drifting away into your sanctuary of safest comfort, and your beautiful, positive, soothing dreams.

Listen along and allow yourself to relax deeply, as you learn how to let go of physical tensions in the body, as well as melt away unwanted stresses or worries in the mind. Reduce the effects of overthinking, as you turn down any excessive noise of the mind's chatter, by more easily resting into a deep sleep at every bedtime.

I hope you enjoy this guided sleep meditation and deep sleep hypnosis story for you ultimate in bedtime bliss 🙂

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This session is suitable for repeated listening. Regular listening to sleep meditation and sleep hypnosis will help compound all positive suggestions for your own best results.

The ending of this session will offer suggestions for drifting and dreaming into a peaceful, deeply refreshing, rejuvenating and healing sleep. This track may also be useful for relieving symptoms of insomnia, depression, anxiety, over-thinking and rumination.


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Original vocals and video by Michael Sealey © 2022

Images via Shutterstock.

Sleep Sounds Ocean Waves credit:
"Timeless Ocean Surf" – by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.
Licensed by Enlightened Audio.


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29 thoughts on “Sleep Meditation Fall Asleep in Minutes, Deep Sleep Hypnosis Story with Calm Ocean Waves

  1. Thank you Michael! I’m going to start sharing your meditations with my granddaughters since their home life has a HIGH tension level, and it’s affecting those dear girls.
    I want them to know how to decompress, relax, and take a “mind vacation” like their grandma.
    This skill is very crucial as I’ve learned, and I appreciate you sharing this skill with us.
    God bless you Michael 👍🏻💞🙏🏼🌻

  2. If you enjoy this guided sleep meditation, I’d love for you to join our positive community and subscribe to my channel, so i can create for you even more relaxing, healing experiences:
    And if you’re looking for another sleep meditation experience to fall asleep in minutes, you might enjoy this:
    May your easy sleep always replenish you, in all best ways. Namaste.

  3. Your newer videos have been so helpful!
    I don’t know what motivates your words (Do you plan what to say or does it just flow??) but they are like medicine. 🙏🏻

  4. Was trying to get to sleep and said “I think I need some Michael Sealey tonight” and this is the first thing that popped up on my homepage. Yay! Thank you sir. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Thank you! I’m excited to try this meditation tonight. I’ve been listening to your videos for years and always find them helpful.

  6. I am always excited for a new video. Michael, you never disappoint. My sleeping habits have changed 💯 since I found you 2 years ago. Much love from a Calgary Alberta Canada fan 🇨🇦❤❤

  7. Michael, you are a trusted friend. And I have to admit my favorite is when you include ocean waves in the background. Thank you for all you do 💞

  8. I’m always so happy to see a new video from you! I’m feeling stressed about tomorrow but blessedly here is this gift from the universe tonight.

  9. You never fail to put me to sleep, keep up the good work and I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well with all the things going on I the world and that goes for everyone in the comments as well. I wish everyone a safe and sound nights sleep and know that you matter, never give up on your dreams and take risks, you can do this I believe in you all! ❤️

  10. You have truly made a difference in my journey, Michael Sealy! Congrats to you & your success and thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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