Should I Start A Podcast Or Write A Book To Build My Authority? E22

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Starting a podcast or writing a book are still 2 of the most popular ways to attract clients or build authority. Still, many experts are unsure whether they should start a podcast or write a book (or both). In this episode, I'll cover this in-depth and remove all confusion once and for all (it's not going to be what you might expect). Listen to today's episode to clear this up once and for all.

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This video is about Should I Start A Podcast Or Write A Book To Build My Authority? E22


0:00 Intro
0:40 Why running a podcast is a long game and why it may not work for you
1:22 What Dan Lok learned about his listeners based on his experience running a podcast.
1:30 What does research show about people who listens to podcasts?
1:41 What can writing a book contribute to you as a coach?
2:04 What are the disadvantages of writing a book?
2:24 What tool Dan Lok recommends to quickly grow your business into a global brand.
3:30 What type of content does dominate the industry?
3:39 How Dan Lok repurposes his contents to spread to different platforms and why you should do it too.
3:57 What Dan Lok recommends to coaches or consultants who are getting started to build their audiences.


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