Segment Intending: Manifest Through Negative Feeling

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Segment Intending: Anxiety is My Superpower

[0:00] Intro
[1:26] What is Segment Intending?
[7:20] How Anxiety Perpetuates an Anxious Life
[15:17] A Renewed Mind

The Power of Segment Intending: Turn Anxiety Into a Manifesting Superpower!

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9 thoughts on “Segment Intending: Manifest Through Negative Feeling

  1. Negative feelings are only a useless thought of the past or a unreasonable fear for the future. There are no problems in the NOW. Just live in every single second. And trust that you can feel anything you want at (basically) any time, just as Dominique said. 😊

  2. I really appreciate this video! With your explanation I can see I’ve also occasionally had intrusive thoughts about random things and trying to figure out where that particular thought came from. And I’m in a space where I am working through past trauma and subconscious healing. I find myself trying to manifest but feel sometimes my manifestations are not coming to fruition. And I see now that I have a lot of subconscious work to do. Thank you for giving a name to those thoughts because it would be just like you said a random thought of imagination for no particular reason. And I know those are not my thoughts so in my mind I’m trying to dissect what is it exactly.

  3. Low vibrational emotions help keeps us grounded when we learn how to process and feel those feelings. Great message, thanks for sharing! 🙏

  4. This was so refreshing thank you for this. I was in this place of anxiety yesterday and it has been very difficult to change my vibrations. I’ve been hook on The Teachings of Abraham and I feel like the law of attraction drove me to this video and now I need to incorporate Process #11 . A key point from this video for me was to be still, surrender, and that I don’t have to fear… thanks again 😊

  5. This was amazing. The part about holding a vibration of not feeling safe or being able to support yourself and manifesting experiences to support those vibrations…AHA moment for sure! I have been trying to figure out my limiting beliefs around money and feeling safe but I think it really is a vibration that is active in me from times that I was homeless, lived in my car, had my car repo-ed, had eviction notices, lost jobs, childhood trauma/abuse…all of those things have created this vibration of “I am not safe” and “I cannot support myself.” And the law of attraction has been bringing evidence of this because, I’ll manifest a nice place to live or some extra money, assistance, etc, but it doesn’t stay/last or neighbors are rude/abusive, etc playing on the vibe of not being safe or being able to support myself. Which in turn led to intrusive thoughts, some very horrifying. This is very eye-opening. I am glad of this awareness because I can address it. Thank you Dominique!

  6. Do we just let are negative thoughts or anxieties just be without not trying to control them? I realize that I have some anxiety whenever I get calls or mail from bill collectors and my available money doesn’t match.

  7. All of this makes sense ✨I have been learning to allow my emotions to move and throw a tantrum without judgement. It’s also helped me to realize a lot of our Intrusive thoughts aren’t us they’re just experiences trying to deliver a message about something. When my body feels to tight. I like to let go and just let it process

  8. ‘Just because something good happens in your life doesn’t mean your vibration goes up.’ – so poignant. Thanks for being the amazing teacher you are!

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