Say this Hidden Bible Prayer to manifest your desires | Neville Goddard technique

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say this hidden bible prayer to manifest your desires | Neville Goddard technique

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Say This Hidden Bible Prayer to Manifest Your Desires | Neville Goddard Technique

Neville says: Prayer is recognizing yourself as that which you now desire. As opposed to petitioning a God out there for that which you desire. In John 10:30, Jesus said: “I and my father are one.”

So Jake, what’s that mean? Well, I used to pray to God everyday for my YouTube channel to blow up. I’d say, “Please God, just help me out. Give me a sign.”

Then I stumbled on that Neville Goddard Quote – Prayer is recognizing yourself as that which you now desire. As opposed to petitioning a God out there for that which you desire.

I realized I was doing it WRONG. I wasn’t following the hidden teachings of Jesus (which I’ll share a couple with you in just a minute from the hidden Gospel of Thomas). SO INSTEAD, I started thanking God and my channel went viral. I STOPPED pushing it into the future and asking God to please help.

In The Gospel of Thomas Verse 22: “When you make the two into One, when you make the inner like the outer.”
Notice only Capital on “One”, not for “two.”
– You do not command things to appear by your words or loud affirmations. Such vain repetition is more often than not confirmation of the opposite. Decreeing is ever done in consciousness.

He said, “If any man should ever come, saying, ‘Look here or look there,’ believe them not, for the kingdom of God is within you.”
In the Gospel of Thomas Verse 40: Jesus said – “A grapevine planted away from the Father has no vitality. It will be torn up by its roots and will perish.”

Nobel Prize laureate Eric Kandel M.D., showed that when new memories are formed, the number of synaptic connections in the sensory neurons that are stimulated doubles, to 2,600. However, unless the original learning experience is repeated over and over again, the number of new connections falls back to the original 1,300 in a matter of only three weeks.

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