Rewire your negative beliefs with this follow-along exercise | Jennifer Partridge

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Why is it that humans tend to gravitate towards more negative than positive thoughts?

That's because, for centuries, our ancestors have been wired to have a negative bias.

Luckily, it's possible to rewire your negative beliefs through EFT Tapping.

In this video, world-renowned tapping expert and Mindvalley Trainer, Jennifer Partridge guides you through a tapping exercise to rewire your beliefs.

About Jennifer Partridge:

✨ Jennifer Partridge is a world-renowned tapping expert, author, speaker, and facilitator of human potential.

✨ Coming from a background of deep emotional trauma and childhood abuse, Jennifer discovered that the outcome of tapping was so profound that she made it her life's purpose to empower others through tapping and the gift of emotional mastery it brings.

✨ Today, Jennifer is a prolific authority on emotional healing. She speaks on stages around the world, writes books, and collaborates with luminaries like Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith, and many more.

About the Masterclass:

🔥 Answer five simple questions to get an instant insight into your current state of emotional mastery and freedom.

🔥 Experience a LIVE tapping exercise with Jennifer Partridge.

🔥 Learn why you should fight the urge to run away from your negative emotions.

🔥 Discover why emotional mastery is the most important key to your healing and growth.

🔥 Tap your way to deeper, warmer, more loving relationships.

🔥 Discover how to clear and heal childhood wounds and traumatic events from your past from a place of safety and self-love.

🔥 Explore the fascinating (and undeniable) science behind tapping.

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