Reticular Activating System Explained + How to Use This Manifestation SUPERPOWER! Law of Attraction

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Reticular Activating System Explained – How to use the manifestation superpower to get what you want! ✅ HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR EFFORTLESS MANIFESTATION (FREE CLASS & MEDITATION) ➡️

Your reticular activating system is extremely valuable when it comes to the law of attraction and manifestation! In this video, I’ll explain what this portion of the brain does and give you an understanding of how to use this manifestation super power in your favor to manifest more of what you want from life.

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The reticular activating system, or what is referred to as the RAS, is a filter. It has a very large role regarding the sensory information we receive and it has been referred to as a gatekeeper as it regulates what information makes it into the conscious mind as experience. Simply put, we get to experience what we believe to be true about ourselves and the world in general. And when we change our thinking and focus to align with our desires, we can use the law of attraction and the amazing system of our body and brain to manifest anything we wish. #LawofAttraction #TheSecret #Manifest

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33 thoughts on “Reticular Activating System Explained + How to Use This Manifestation SUPERPOWER! Law of Attraction

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  2. Thinking on purpose – that’s what deliberate creating is. I accept all that I have created for myself – my past and my present. I am willing to allow my future to happen. – All of the great teachers have left us with a similar message: Go within, discover your invisible higher self, and know God as the love is within you.

    Much Love from a Law Of Attraction YouTuber 💜

  3. I was waiting for your video thank you for posting on the time I needed this the most ❤️

  4. You explained this so well! The examples given was so clever because it allows you to actually go back and remember some of our thoughts in the past and then work on ways to think positively instead of focusing on the negative and THAT WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS!

    1. Completely Agree. The Universe and our minds are working to give us what we think about, let’s make it work to achieve our greatest potential! 😊

  5. Thank you .. your videos have literally help change my whole entire life and lifestyle.. thank you for your amazing kindness in posting here on you tube .

    1. @Your Youniverse I am So very joyous that you responded!🤗 My 14 and 15 yrs old daughter’s also listen to your videos. Can’t wait to show them this.Thanks again.🤗😊

  6. Thank you very much, Jessica. I love your channels ❣️ You have become my favorite YouTube creator. You explain things clearly and concisely. This video is the epitome of how very well you do that, along with your diligence and your integrity. I am deeply grateful for YOU and your high-quality, top-notch videos. 🙏❤️🤗

    1. Thank you for such a nice comment, Kathleen! I am grateful for your kind words of support! 🙏

  7. Thank you for this video… Today itself I was upto search how sub conscious mind works and this video appears… As if universe wanted me to know this through you…. This video explained me very easily how our sub concious mind works….. Thank you so much….

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