Resistance Is Not A Bad Thing – Resistance Can Help You Get What You Want | 5 Steps

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Resistance Is Not A Bad Thing – Resistance Can Help You Get What You Want | 5 Steps
What is blocking your manifestation? When you are up against resistance you can overcome it. Robert Zink reveals how you can overcome resistance in 5 easy steps. Manifest anything you want when you overcome everything that is blocking your manifestation.

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25 thoughts on “Resistance Is Not A Bad Thing – Resistance Can Help You Get What You Want | 5 Steps

  1. thanks robert this videos really do make a change and really get me thinking about stuff i do not think enough and reflect etc

  2. I have difficulties with making up my mind when I create songs, As I am never completly happy, I always think this can be better or I could do It better and this is endless and tiring 😫 I know it is me causing the resistance. But I am a perfectionist. It is so difficult for me!! Thank you for this video it cames exactly when I need it. Making a song and drives me crazy 🤪

    1. This is probably true for a lot of artists, I do the same with my paintings. I’ll even hang them on my walls in an incomplete phase and work on them years later

    2. @Emerald Gem I understand that. You think that there could be always something to improve. Though I am not a painter, but I perceive every song I do as a masterpiece , at least that is what it should be, something that last forever, unique, so yes, we want to make it “perfect “. Well some of us!. I thought that painting was more intuitive and didn’t know painters were competing painting in years. It took me 2 years to release my album.

  3. I’m so grateful for this video. I am learning so much. Thank you Robert. ✨♥️🙏🏽☮️

  4. R.Z. I get so much out of your videos. So glad I found your channel a couple weeks ago.

  5. All I want is to be happy and healthy and back with the person who I care about. ..
    But they are with someone. .
    I don’t know anymore. ..

  6. Hi Robert! I enjoy your videos a lot. As a video editor I would suggest to avoid the stock footage; a whole video of you talking is much more intimate with your followers.
    Ps: my ex ghosted me and I want to thank you because whatever the outcome will be, you hugely helped me becoming a much more positive person. Thank you 🤍🍁

  7. We are the architects of our reality we sketch our thoughts through vibrations, energy and it builds our reality.

  8. Resistance can be very good because it tells you, it teaches you, you have work to do to create the perfect alignment with the reality you desire, deserve, and want.😊

  9. Robert, I am really grateful to have found u. Sometimes when I’m dealing with some issues… There it is ur video exactly giving me a solution. It’s 11:11 pm here in India when I’m typing this msg…. Thank you universe…

  10. Sir, feels you always know that what I really need, you always loosen the knots, Jazak Allahu khyr 💞💞💞

  11. “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”
    ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

  12. The way you love yourself is how others will show their love to you!
    💙YouTuber That Helps People Overcome Toxic Relationships

  13. This couldn’t have come at a better time! Felt some resistance today, and as I observed it later I realized it was a good thing. I am not in full alignment. Then when I came to that realization I said it is ok. Focusing on myself, I then out of nowhere felt like visiting my mom…the inspired action! Had a great conversation with her and I felt even better and so grateful for her. Seriously your video came at the perfect time! Resistance isn’t bad! Thank you Robert!

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