Release Trapped Emotions – Subliminal Binaural Music For Repressed Emotions Stuck In The Body

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Release trapped emotions. Do you have repressed emotions from past trauma? If you didn’t process your emotions properly, the emotions get trapped in the body, creating stuck energy. Use this subliminal track to release emotional baggage and trauma stored in the body.

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*Binaural Beats Delta waves are embedded in this track.
*Headphones are required

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Affirmations ("you" and "I" statements):

I understand my emotional world and acknowledge my feelings
I learn to accept my feelings as they come and go
My feelings are valid; I have a right to feel what I feel
I give my inner child the support it deserves and validate their pain
I connect with and understand my emotions
I recognize my emotions and feel them in my body
I notice what is happening within my body, accept it, and fully feel it without judgment
I recognize my feelings and observe the bodily sensations connected to those feelings
I engage in intentional body movements and stretch my body regularly
I notice the parts of my body that store unprocessed emotions
I gently touch the parts of my body that store the emotions so I can release them for good
I breathe into the parts of my body that store repressed emotions
I send love to the parts of my body that store the emotions
As I breathe in to these body parts, I move the energy of emotion through and out my body
I feel all these emotions get unstuck and move out of my body; I am letting them go
I am successfully releasing hurt, pain, shame, fear and anger out of my mind and body
I practice stillness through deep breathing and muscle relaxation daily
I find ways to express my creative self
I practice journaling daily to process my feelings; I let it all out, completely unfiltered
I learn to express and voice my emotions in healthy ways
I have a right to take up space and meet my needs to be heard and seen
I have a right to express myself just like anyone else
I take good care of myself and practice self-care methods daily
I am healing; I am at peace ; I am whole; I am liberated; I am happy

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12 thoughts on “Release Trapped Emotions – Subliminal Binaural Music For Repressed Emotions Stuck In The Body

    1. It helps with unprocessed emotions, so if the unfinished relationship business has repressed feelings involved, the answer is yes.

  1. Oh my gosh the intro 💛💛💛💛💛these sounds are so effortless. Thank you!!

    Dearest, vortex, I’ve been here all year I’m changed daily new pieces of joy and levity replace the panic, dysregulation, grief. I’m ok with myself, I honor myself and all others. I honor my mind and place good things nearby it. At times I listen here going thru each piece each part to fix. I was researching how to undo or soften pain then as if I were pulling pieces of pain off me, I do a meditation of Linda the nature and world supports you, it’s ok, everything is ok. My hyperawareness is less. I learned nothing bothers me. Or I can work on, apply nothing bothers me.

    I listen to the affirmations they immerse my mind into art goals and self care.🎵🎶🎵🎶💛🌍🧡🌏💚🌎

  2. This is so timely! I have had so many emotions come up in the past few weeks that need to be processed and let go.

  3. What will happen if I listen to this for continuous 21 days… I have so many repressed hidden emotions… how many days do I need to listen continuously.. can I pks listen to this while studying. And can I follow multiple YouTube channels for subliminals… like for ocd and all.. will the different frequencies of different channels affect me or causes benefits to me. Pls Reply me this channel is like a godfather to me.

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