RELAX, YOU’LL GRADUATE – Motivation For Exams and Studying

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Relax, You'll Graduate! You'll get a job, you'll become an adult, you'll find someone who loves you. You have an entire life. It takes time.

This is a new motivational video created to motivate students and young people to study for their exams and work hard for their dreams! Hope it inspires you and gets you motivated!

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33 thoughts on “RELAX, YOU’LL GRADUATE – Motivation For Exams and Studying

  1. Something very helpful:
    Go to sleep and wake up at the same time with the birds – you will reap all of the days golden grains.
    Eat more green – you will have legs and a resistant heart, like the beings of forest.
    Look at the sky as often as possible and your thoughts will become light and clear.
    Be quiet a lot – speak little – and silence will come in your heart, and your spirit will be calm and full of peace.

  2. *To all dreamers out there, don’t ever let the world’s negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If your surround yourself with love and with right people, Anything is possible.*

    Cheering for you✨

  3. 🙂 *these are some most important and precious advices every one should read* 💜🙂

    *1.* _Take risks in your life. If you win, you can lead; if you lose, you can guide._

    *2.* _People are not what they say but what they do; so judge them not from their words but from their actions._

    *3.* _When someone hurts you, don’t feel bad because it’s a law of nature that the tree that bears the sweetest fruits gets maximum number of stones._

    *4.* _Take whatever you can from your life because when life starts taking from you, it takes even your last breath._

    *5.* _In this world, people will always throw stones on the path of your success. It depends on what you make from them – a wall or a bridge._

    *6.* _Challenges make life interesting; overcoming them make life meaningful._

    *7.* _There is no joy in victory without running the risk of defeat._

    *8.* _A path without obstacles leads nowhere._

    *9.* _Past is a nice place to visit but certainly not a good place to stay._

    *10.* _You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time._

    *11.* _If what you did yesterday still looks big to you, then you haven’t done much today._

    *12.* _If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs._

    *13.* _If you don’t climb the mountain; you can’t view the plain._

    *14.* _Don’t leave it idle – use your brain._

    *15.* _You are not paid for having brain, you are only rewarded for using it intelligently._

    *16.* _It is not what you don’t have that limits you; it is what you have but don’t know how to use._

    *17.* _What you fail to learn might teach you a lesson._

    *18.* _The difference between a corrupt person and an honest person is: The corrupt person has a price while the honest person has a value._

    *19.* _If you succeed in cheating someone, don’t think that the person is a fool…… Realize that the person trusted you much more than you deserved._
    *20.* _Honesty is an expensive gift; don’t expect it from cheap people._
    I hope you have learnt something you can recieve more from my this channel🙃🙃🙃…🥰

  4. *“Learn as if you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow.” — Mahatma Gandhi*

  5. Am in my first year, first semester, I pray that I may graduate and make my family proud 😎

  6. Relax, you’ll graduate. You’ll get a job, you’ll become an adult, you’ll find someone who loves you. You have an entire life. It takes time.

    1. But if we don’t get we wanted??? Today I had a math text I failed it!!! And now what I can’t do anything!!

  7. Thank you I really need this, my exams are coming and graduation is coming

  8. To Anyone Reading This!
    I started catering for myself since my early age, i know the actual face of my parent when i reach 20years, i live with other people, you cannot imagine how hard it is but with those pain experience i passed through am still willing to push more till i share my success story so watching this kind videos got me to make research and started my Youtube Channel which am really struggling to build with everything i have and i hope one day I will share my success story so to my fellow people reading this no matter how hard it is just continue pushing forward, cry alone wipe your tears and continue, feel lonely still motivate yourself and continue because you’ve got yourself to trust the most 😭 i pray to those like me Reading this now may God almighty help us all. Amen

    Thanks for reading and supporting me. 🙏🏻

  9. You put in all of the hard work, so dont stress because you will be blessed by achieving your desired destination of graduation! You earned it my friend, so please relax because YOU GOT THIS!!!

    1. Sir Freddy Fri, you are an inspiration to millions across the globe. I have found comfort and motivation in your words. 🙌Continue doing what you’re doing. You are the best motivational speaker I’ve listened to on YouTube! 🙌
      Love from South Africa 🇿🇦💕

  10. To the *worthwhile person* seeing this, your dream is not dead. Don’t allow the past and current pains and hurts stop and define you. You’re more than a conqueror. Rise up and put yourself together. Keep pushing your future depends on it. I wish you all the best in life ❤️.

  11. I have igsce exams coming up and I am so unmotivated I need motivation right now as I am procrastinating everyday my timetable
    Physics 16 may (3 papers)
    Biology 19 may (3 papers )
    Chemistry 23 may( 3 papers)
    Mathematics 30 May
    And am anxious right now so I haven’t even started studying any of this subject 🙃

  12. “You not only deserve it, but you’ve put yourself into a position to earn it”
    Thank you.

  13. If we work hard, will we never regret that others are having fun at this time? I am a laboratory diagnostician. In 2 months I will become a doctor. I work hard to make the future better. But I have never had time for fun and for love. I am almost 30 years old and I wonder if it is worth sacrificing myself when others have found love and have free time. I love my job but sometimes I want to live like my friends, don’t you?

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