PSYCHOLOGICAL TRICKS To Be More Charismatic & Confident TODAY! | Vanessa Van Edwards

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24 thoughts on “PSYCHOLOGICAL TRICKS To Be More Charismatic & Confident TODAY! | Vanessa Van Edwards

  1. Lewis, me encanta tu canal, pero me gustaría que tu canal en Ingles tuviera subtitulos en español, ya que escuchar la voz original hace que se sienta la emoción. Gracias

  2. Confidence is saying I am amazing… but not better than another, I recommend looking in the mirror daily until you can truly say you are amazing without ego 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

  3. Beautiful Interview. One of the BEST ‘Take Aways’ for me was a WONDERFUL REMINDER.

    When WE receive A QUE from another… Wether it be Verbal, or subtle Body Language…. The KEY TO TRUE DIPLOMATIC COMMUNICATION is in ASKING OURSELVES: I See, Hear, and or FEEL that…. Now ‘ How can I HONOR IT’ ? 😘💖🙏🌎✌🏼

    1. Most of society is based around supporting the negative EGO… rather than being spiritual…all kinds of selfishness… negative synergy/darkside…😰😰

  4. I’m a realtor and not a salesperson or extroverted by nature. I will definitely be implementing these. Thank you for sharing!

  5. We look for people everyday and give them that “dopamine” hit. We have poetry, daily messages, thoughts, emotions, art, charity events & fundraisers monthly; that’s all sorts of “Dopamine” for our community at RadioCave… =)

    We support special needs and those who have struggled through adversity to find their talents in the healing power of music and the arts; through education, awareness & advocacy w/ charitable events that creating a happy, uplifting atmosphere where all people can interact & receive the validation, love & support necessary for a positive outlook & zest for life.

  6. I Loooooove Vanessa Van Edwards. I learned so much in her class. She is super engaging. AMAZING teacher.🙏🏽❤️
    ‘Label and respond to cues appropriately.’
    Excellent class today!!! ✨💖✨

  7. I didn’t finish the interview; however, this has to be my favourite yet!. Thank you Lewis and Vanessa💛💛

  8. No wonder why I tanked my interview over video 🤦‍♀️ so glad I watched this. I NEED to find work like ASAP! Thanks so much. I’ll be forwarding this to my friend who is about to meet with some potential investors in a couple days! Good luck guy’s!

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