Prove The Law of Attraction Works In 15 Seconds | Do This Daily and Increase your Manifesting Muscle

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Prove The Law of Attraction Works In 15 Seconds | Do This Daily and Increase your Manifesting Muscle
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Create the relationship you have always dreamt of with this special live event.
You can prove to yourself the Law of Attraction really works. Robert Zink shares a 15-second technique that you can use daily to manifest anything you desire.

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26 thoughts on “Prove The Law of Attraction Works In 15 Seconds | Do This Daily and Increase your Manifesting Muscle

  1. I am totally addicted to these videos😁🌟 I have already manifested so many situations, possibilities and material things thanks to these videos and Robert❤️🌟 Thank you!!!

  2. I remember listening to Wayne Dyer talking about the space. I do the parking spot one too. 🙂 Good share! 👍 Thank you!

  3. I was in the car while I was listening to this and I was thinking about ladders and unicorns and then you got to the point where you said to think about a number… Well my favorite number is 13 and so I manifested seeing 13 on a license plate… Just figuring it would be any random combination of license plates… Less than 10 seconds later, a car with a license plate number of 13… No letters no other numbers, just the number 13 cut in front of me. This works. It’s so real.

  4. I’m going to do this and come back to update.. gonna visualize now while it’s still quiet in my apartment complex lol! 🙏💜

  5. Roberts videos are like a multivitamin for the soul, heavy in Zink 😉 I love this guys jubilant energy and joyful vibes.

  6. lets take a moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us
    Love you bro
    read my name btw

  7. It really works Robert it really works!people just have to believe in themselves you have to have a positive mind set.😎

    1. Spiritually you have be connected with the creator after all The Lord created this universe I read the Torah what you give out to the universe it comes back to you the human mind is powerful for sure.☺️

  8. I am Thankful to Robert for opening my mind to so much-needed manifestation . I have received all the money I asked for in situations.

  9. I just did this with birds at my window 😁 literally took seconds!! I will continue this with manifesting my man too!!

  10. I know this works for sure.
    Believe it or not…
    I did your money meditation for a small amount I needed to pay up my medicals bills..
    And 3 days in a row money came in which was a big help.
    From age 16 I’d think of what I wanted or somebody I wanted to see and soon after they appear – long before I knew about the laws of attraction!
    But along with this ive prayed as well.
    For me its a combination..
    Thought n prayer🙏

    – From India

    1. H e l l o D r j o s h u a c a n h e l p y o u o u t i n r e s t o r i n g Y o u r l o s t r e l a t i o n s h i p H e a l s o h e l p e d m e g e t m y e x L o v e r b a c k

    2. @Maimuna Ubaida
      Thank you…
      But I dont need any Doc to help me get any person or any lost relations reinstated!.
      My life is dedicated simply to my homeless animals and getting them to safety , feeding, fostering or getting them adopted to loving homes.
      I have no time or inclination for humans by enlarge.

  11. It works! 100%
    I was imagining a blue car while you were explaining, then….. I saw it inside the video. Even before finishing your explanation.

  12. Hi sir…I am so grateful to you for your lessons. I tried the pillow method and it works like magic…
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you

  13. Thanks for the video Robert. Yes i believe and I agree that everything manifest in Devine timing.. Yes yes i have been seeing 1111 everyday and I saw 6666 and 7777 on the car number plates a lot this week. Thank you 🙏

  14. Wow, this works like magic,it just happened to me. I don’t even know how to explain it but this is very very real and I believe so much in it. Thank you very much.

  15. I am getting MBBS seat in my own state …
    Thank you so much Universe
    I am so grateful to Universe for everything in my life 💘

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