Principles For Dealing With The CHANGING WORLD ORDER! (How To Prepare) | Ray Dalio

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29 thoughts on “Principles For Dealing With The CHANGING WORLD ORDER! (How To Prepare) | Ray Dalio

  1. I love that this is being talked about on here. People are finally waking up. It took me awhile. It’s pretty obvious now.

  2. This is amazing! Great guest Lewis! I love talking about China as I lived there 10 years and speak the language

  3. Love every show you post, but thank you so much for sharing the wisdom from these GOATS. Common sense isn’t common these days. I absolutely needed this timely message

  4. This is great. In the middle of watching and i’m already planning to watch it again. So much to learn. Sharing it.

  5. This is so fantastic! Mr. Dalio presented the 6 dimensions of wellness. He can really give a lot of life lessons to people especially to the young generation.

  6. Thank you Lewis for sharing love your content and the work you put out for everyone ! Cheers from France 🇫🇷 I discovered you recently and I feel grateful to be able to learn from you and your guests
    Many thanks 🙏

  7. Perfectionist’s fuel tension when not grateful of the presence or hopeful of the future. Patience and persistence are the tools needed for example keep up with the planting on your porch or community garden and preservation consistantly🙏

  8. “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.”
    — Zbigniew Brzezinski

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