Pray For What You Want (And Manifest It) | Works Like MAGIC!!

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You can pray for what you want and manifest it.


Use this prayer technique to get whatever you want in life!

You can use this technique for anything you want. It could be a prayer for money. It could be a prayer for health. It could be a prayer for family, love, relationships. The prayer could be for investments, career.. It does not matter!

The first thing to know is that everything you’ve been taught about praying is wrong. We think of prayer backwards. We think you ask for what you want, that you don’t have. And if you ask for your prayer, then you’ll get something you don’t have.

But Jesus used to say: “To those that have more is given. To those who don’t have, even that which you have will be taken away.”

This is the same thing that ancient native American prayers used to do. They would pray for rain by actually feeling, smelling, and seeing the rain. They did not ask Mother Nature for rain. They didn’t pray by asking for something they didn’t have. Instead they entered a reality of rain within their minds, hearts, and spirits.

On that note, keep in mind what Nikola Tesla used to say: “If you want to understand the Universe, think in terms of energy and frequency.”

We’re only limited by our own ignorance. This just means that our prayers are only limited by what we don’t know. And what do know is that Jesus said that ‘those that have will get more.’

Just like Native Americans, they came into their prayers with the joy and gratitude of rain. They had the rain. They didn’t ask for what they didn’t have. They already had it.

To use Tesla’s ideas – they were praying in terms of energy and frequency and vibration.

Prayers are just frequencies. Just like sound waves are simply vibrational frequency patterns, so are your prayers.

Many people pray for what they want – but they pray from a place of not having it. They pray like this, “I don’t have money. Please help. I am not healthy. Please fix me. I am alone. Please send love.”

The frequency signature of this is “I do not have.” The frequency is “I am NOT.”

This fits perfectly with the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who says, “Can you give thanks for a future that has not been made manifest yet?”

When you do this, your frequency aligns with what you want. In essence, you’ve submitted a successful prayer to the Divine Mind.

So everytime you submit a prayer, think about it like this. You’re always creating it twice. Each prayer of “I Have” or “I do not have,” is sending out a spiritual protype.

Your frequency instantly creates the fact in a non-physical realm. Then it makes its way into this physical reality.

So when people pray and do not get it. They are actually getting what they asked for. Because what you ask for isn’t from your words, it’s from your frequency.

This is why Abraham Hicks says that “Everything is really two things; what you want and the absence of what you want.”

It’s financial abundance, or the absence of it.
It’s love, or the absence of it.
It’s health, or the absence of it.
It’s what you want, already here. Or the absence of it.

And each prayer you submit is really a frequency pattern you send to the Universe. Just like a cell phone is a frequency. For example, if you call me no matter where you are in the world, my phone will ring. Why? Because my frequency pattern is always here. It’s my phone number. When you press send, you dial into my frequency. You don’t call your mother, and then wonder why I’m not answering. You would be dialing the wrong frequency.

Similarly, you cannot dial the frequency of wealth and get poverty. And you cannot dial the frequency of fear or anger, and get love. That’s why Wayne Dyer said that you don’t get what you want. You get what you are. And what are you? You’re an electromagnetic field of energy that is transmitting frequencies to the Divine Mind, at all times.

Your prayers are just your time of conscious intention to dial into the right frequencies. So in order to pray for what you want and get it, you have to dial into the right frequencies.

To those that have, more will be given. To those who don’t have, even that which they have will be taken away.

This is why the Native Americans prayed for rain by actually smelling it, seeing it, and tasting it.

Pray For What You Want (And Manifest It) | Works Like MAGIC!!


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36 thoughts on “Pray For What You Want (And Manifest It) | Works Like MAGIC!!

    1. I’ve been following you for 3 years Jake and it’s not easy and at first I was thinking this stuff not working until I got to the gratitude part that’s what I needed

    2. Some of these people teach LOA THE WRONG WAY if some one trying to charge you for this information their fraud

    3. When I first started using LOA I started with the small things just to see if it works and I think I’ve got all most everything even things I forgot about no Cap

    4. Thank you so much, Jake!! With love and Gratitude…. 🙏🙌👌😍😊✨🌟💫☘️🔆🦋

  1. Only a few mins into the video and I just want to say got my dream job as a Child Counselor. It’s gateway into becoming a psychotherapist and I am so grateful. All I did was thank God for giving me this opportunity even when I was feeling hopeless. Never stop believing, always have faith.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful message of encouragement. It’s been five months since my heart attack because of my heart condition I declined the vaccine. I was fired over my decision. So I lost my job as a social worker. Since losing my job I’ve been having a hard time just providing the basics for my two beautiful sons both are autistic and non verbal. I’m a single mother my husband died three years ago unexpectedly. I have no family nor friends to aid me at this time. Every month I’m in fear of facing homelessness because every month is a struggle coming up with my rent. It is only because of the kindness of strangers we still have our home.
    Please keep me in your prayers I’m so tired of worrying. I’m in constant fear we are going to end up on the streets. Because every month is a struggle. I’m struggling with my faith. Please pray for me. I have nowhere to turn.

    1. “You will be ever hearing but never understanding;
      you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.
      For this people’s heart has become calloused;
      they hardly hear with their ears,
      and they have closed their eyes.
      Otherwise they might see with their eyes,
      hear with their ears,
      understand with their hearts
      and turn, and I would heal them.’”

      set an intention. let go. trust.

    2. Sending you positive love and energy. God is with you always and especially in your toughest battles. You and your boys will be ok ❤️

    3. I am a nurse and fired for the same reason. I know the abundance you seek is there for You..your health will be restored.Also they are begging people who were let go to come back to work..Lol..if you want that Or Something better. God has a bigger better life than you could imagine. See it believe it and it will manifest! God Bless.

    4. GOOD you didn’t get that Toxix garbage injected into your body. I was a single Mother also & I know exactly how challenging it can be. Looking back now, they are Adults, I can see how miraculously we were guided thru even the darkest times. I am praying for you & your Sons, keeping you all in the vision of God Given Home, Health, & Guidance. Blessings surrounding you all 🤗❤🕊🕊🕊
      Something Better is developing Now ✨✨✨

  3. I’ve done work with Native Americans and this is what they taught for sure. When I healed the lifelong disease doctors, diet and natural medicine couldn’t I daily made the reality of health and comfort more real tin my mind than the physical torture that was my daily life, and worked with energy healing too but after 3 years of doing this daily I threw the meds away for good )the secret is don’t give up) ….and yes I CAN be grateful for a reality that hasn’t manifested yet.

  4. Also in mediumship training we do the same thing to develop our psychic sense and there’s an exercise I developed and teached where you actually imagine you’re in nature and feel the rain drops or the hot sun as if it were real, the more real you make it in your mind the awesome this training can be used to teach law of attraction manifestation as well. Thank you again Jake

    1. @trust none sure but I’m not sure what constitutes as an “example” when I explained exactly how to do the exercise in the comment?

  5. Thanks Jake for sharing great vibrational manifesting techniques. I am sure who is reading this and watching you will attract success more effectively with this!

  6. Thank you Jake! I LOVE THIS, because it’s true, I’m literally moved to tears, tears of gratitude that we live in a world where life changing, soul expanding, Godness Awakening truth can be accessed by tapping and running a figure over the surface of piece of glass on a tiny machine… How amazing and surreal are our lives… Jake, you stood infront a machine in some random location on this planet and spoke divine truth into it and here I Am lying in my bed in some random location on this planet watching/listening to you🤯.

    To further validate the absolute truths presented in this video: said entire process of filming/watching on all-screen/touch-screen smartphones was once a fantasy in Steve Jobs head, that was imagined with so much passion, excitement and vivid realness as to what such a device would be and feel like and here we all are with phones that look like the first iPhone: a rectangle full touch screen communications device; regardless of brand or carrier😏

    If We can Think. We can God.

  7. Thanks Jake for all the amazing information you are very appreciated. Much Divine Love Light and Protection. Namaste ✨🙏✨

  8. Jake, you have helped me so much in the past few days… I will post a video to thank you and share my thoughts. A total mindset shift… and the feeling of hope again. God bless you.

  9. Hey Jake!!! Great video! Jesus also said… WHEN you pray, believe that you have recieved and you will have what you pray for!! MARK 11:24

  10. I am so thankful & grateful that all my dreams & desires are now a reality…Thank you Universe! Thank you Jake! 💜

  11. Yes!! This is exactly what I did to manifest everything I have in my life now! I used to be homeless broke depressed a drug addict and went through a string of toxic relationships. Fast forward, Author, became a 6 figure earner, featured on TV magazines newspapers podcasts around the world and now working full time as a healer and coach. I honestly don’t feel like I work at all. I love it so much and is what I was born to do in the world. Great video 💜

  12. Thank you SOOO much Jake for explaining this the way you did. For me some of it was like a complex math problem so I’ll have to listen to this video more BECAUSE there’s SOOOO much to learn and understand from this Super Wonderful Video YOU created!!🌹🙏🏻👍

  13. Awesome video, it’s always good to hear this again for a refresher! Feel what you want, and know it’s yours!

  14. Jake, you are such an incredibly helpful living legend. The content you so generously provide is necessary for the times we are living in. You speak much needed clarity into the lives of those who really need and want it. Thank you for showing up for humanity. Thank you for being you!

  15. Jake, THANK YOU !!!
    You do so much to help us each understand & live happier lives with all the beautiful guidance you share ❤🕊 God Bless You & yours Always

  16. What most people don’t realize is that we are powerful manifesters of our reality, and actually manifesting what you want is not a process that involves a lot of effort. It can be completely effortless, and in my experience it’s all about mastering your vibration, frequency, and thought patterns. Master these things and you can have and be whatever you prefer to experience, and it will come to you incredibly fast. Great Video Jake! Thanks for being one of the people that inspires me to post videos every single day. Much Love 🙏

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