Normani – Motivation (Official Video)

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85 thoughts on “Normani – Motivation (Official Video)

    1. @Tiff’sTravels2012 where on earth did BTS and other Kpop artists even come from? Why y’all dragging Kpop in to this when they obv have nothing to do with it, especially BTS. And if we’re talking about them being stiff…well I’m just gonna say that you’re ignorant.

    1. Yes! she knows how to really get down. Shes up there with ciara, janet beyonce, and teyana taylor.

  1. At this point it seems like Normani is on a hiatus she deserves a better management team, they’re holding her back and she has soo much talent!

    1. Her mother relapsed with cancer. She put everything on hold to care for her mom. Normani is an incredible young lady 🙌🏾

    1. @Model Win that part i didn’t knew :-/, but i’ve been a huge fan since the fifth harmony times, and besides her actual style, which is awesome and fits her super well, i love lauren songs as well… I just wished their labels invested more on them.

    2. @Alvaro Leite agree she can happen if she wants to but she needs it badly enough but she needs to be more consistent in dropping new music and also start doing tours so she can develop a stronger fan base

    1. I watch her entire Body of Work literally 3 to 4 times a week. 5th Harmony, DANCING with the STARS,Opening for ARIANA, Tribute to JANET JACKSON,(personally requested by Janet) BBMAS PERFORMANCE w/Khalid. (this performance BROKE the INTERNET!) Performing for SAVAGEXFENTY FASHION SHOW ( both shows, again Personally requested by RIHANNA) NORMANI IS PHENOMENALLY TALENTED! It’s worth it to Research her history!! Trust!

  2. This is so historic. When have you ever seen a dark skinned black girl as the center of a pop music production like this? It almost bright tears to my eyes asking myself that question.

    1. ummmm janet jackson, nicki minaj, brandi, whitney houston, mariah carey, aretha franklin, beyoncé, rihanna, billie holiday, tina turner, lizzo, sza, monica, queen latifa, ciara, lil kim,kelly rowland, jennifer hudson, solange, dinah washington, sarah vaughn, tracy chapman, and so many more amazing black female artists. black girls in pop music is not new. they’ve been killing it for decades.

      no, not all of these women are “dark skinned” but many of them are.

  3. When the backup dancers don’t have to go easy because the artist is just as good and talented ✨

  4. I love Normani’s choreography. The way she moves her body is amazing and stunning. She dances effortlessly 🥰

  5. This makes me nostalgic from September and October of 2019. Ugh why can’t I just go back to when I was just a 6th grader, and when everything was great?? 😫😫😫

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