Money Will Chase You When You Do This

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Money will chase you when you do this. Because money is just energy, like everything else in the physical universe. i am not trying to sound new age or simplify money to the extent it sounds ridiculous. i am just saying that money is a medium. it is a mirror. it reflects back to you your own attitudes and perceptions. and in order to receive money, you attract circumstances and people. but if you're needy and you're afraid and in fear, you attract circumstances and people that match that energy. so you constantly are alluded by money and your desire for abundance. but when you understand that it is your right to get right, and that money is just God in disguise, you can stop overthinking. you can allow the abundance of the universe to flow through your life and guide you.

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27 thoughts on “Money Will Chase You When You Do This

  1. I live in utah and have been living here for 2 yts and I love it. Being that me and my soon to be husband are Truck drivers.. we watch your videos all the time on the road. Really helps us to stay focused and the universe will provide 🙏 ✨️

  2. I never get tired of seeing your videos. Frequent uploads and it’s always great content and perfect length. Thank you 🙏🏽

  3. I’m grateful for you Jake!! I am finally acting on my dream! I’ve always wanted to help people and what I will do is something that hasn’t even been done yet because I’m the one that’s supposed to do it thanks to you I know that now.

  4. Great video Jake, my story is I learned I was standing in my own way. I started truck driving in 2006. Owned over 4 trucks thought I was successful and living the American dream. The past 4 years I struggled with I have everything I think I want but why am I not happy. I wore that struggle for 4 years on the road away from family months at a time. Back in Dec it hit me I sacrificed 16 years lost a lot of time I can’t get back. I gave it all up I walked away from trucking and I prayed for happiness. When I say GOD stepped in and send miracles my way I can’t explain. I figured out having less made me happy. I’m debt free, I live smarter rv living has changed my life. I travel with family and we stay where we please get out in nature. I found alot of answers to my problems out in nature. GOD test us to see if we’re gonna hold on and stay stuck or face our BIGGEST FEAR LET GO and evolve. I tell anyone think of life like a computer over time it gets slow and information gets outdated so your computer need rebooting. Don’t be afraid to reboot and make space for a new experience. God bless u all.

  5. Hey Jake I’m grateful for people like you who help others to get their life in order, for free. I love the Red Rocks and your home is beautiful 💗.

  6. I’m grateful for your tenacity and willingness to continue to beat the drum to help to raise consciousness. Plus I love your great smile and how real you keep it. Thanks for sharing. You are loved.

  7. I am grateful for YOU, Jake man… THANK YOU. You have made me feel so much more comfortable regarding money it’s unbelievable. Thank you so much! I look forward to my millions as I am grateful for all that I have now. Sending love and positive energy to all!

  8. Another great presentation; thank you, Jake. It was wonderful to hear you share the account of your call with Bob Proctor. I also love it when you share with people about our essential nature, beyond name and form. BEings will manifest much more quickly when they know “What”–not who–they truly are and also the true nature of the apparent “world.” 🙏

  9. I’ve been saying “if not this than something better” for the last month now and today I came across your video. Wow, the manifestation has already started…✨✨✨✨✨

  10. This is probably my favorite video you’ve ever done. Very simple, yet incredibly powerful delivery and message. Thank you!

  11. Thank you for clearing this up Jake! I must let go and trust the process. God and the Universe have my back and I have FAITH all will work out. I innerstand and allow what is meant for me or something better to come into my life 🙌🏽💜😊

  12. I just watched this ten times, to really let this message sink in, the whole message….if not this then something better. God wants you to enjoy life and experience life and all it’s beauty. Thanks Jake for all you do, Blessings to you, Ashley and Jade! #bestlifeever

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