Mindvalley University: Behind The Vision

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Education, Evolved. 👆 Mindvalley University is back.

After a pandemic-induced pause, here's 2018 Vishen to remind us what it's all about and why it got started. (see vid)

This year, it's happening in the incredible city of Tallinn, Estonia.

And we're expecting up to 2,000 Mindvalley Members to move to Tallinn to create a pop-up community to bend our collective realities.

It's a family affair, and we cater to kids of all ages. So if you and your loved ones are interested in:

👉 A summer experience like no other

👉 Total immersion in personal growth

👉 Friendships that last a lifetime

👉 Learning at 100+ Talks, Workshops and Events

👉 Chilling with 50+ Mindvalley Trainers

👉 The most epic parties you'll ever experience

👉 And so much more…

Then come join us.

Mindvalley University 2022, Tallinn, Estonia. July 2 -24.

Learn more 👉🏻https://go.mindvalley.com/RrA-6_cI


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8 thoughts on “Mindvalley University: Behind The Vision

  1. Thank you vishen so much! I really enjoy listening to your voice. Your teaching created so much impact in my life since I started following you.

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