Mike Tyson Eats Mushrooms, Talks About Psychedelics & Spirituality

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Mike Tyson Eats Mushrooms, Talks About Psychedelics & Spirituality

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1.) You had a self-identity back then that is quite different than now. You often referred to your old self as "insane." Firstly, what was your self-identity during the height of your Fame, and what was driving that? Second, what made your self-identity change into who you are today? How do you view yourself today vs. the height of your fame? What's different?

2.) You've said that your life today is about 'self-reflection.' What's the scariest thing you saw when psychedelics assisted you in finally holding a mirror up to your life to cause self-reflection? For a lot of people, self-reflection is scary because of the compounding effect of all the emotional baggage accrued over a lifetime. When we get to a point in life, self-reflection scares us off and we hide from it on our old habits. What did you see upon self-reflection? How did psychedelics give you the courage to face those shadows of yourself?

3.) How did shrooms change your life? And how does that tie into your new venture Wesana?

4.) You're a very creative person. You have all sorts of business ventures. And you've stated that creativity occurs when you have no conflict with yourself. Your quote exactly was "Creativity is about having no conflict with yourself." – What do you mean by that? And how do we get to a point of "no conflict with ourselves?"

5.) How did you learn how to let go of your anger? Depression and emotional issues are at an all-time high in our society. Many of us struggle to let go of childhood traumas, and anger we carry. How did you learn to let go of it?

6.) You're a Muslim and pray regularly. What does prayer mean to you and how do you do it?

7.) What was one of the biggest traumas in your life that shrooms helped you overcome? What was the issue and where did it stem from?

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